Friday, December 30, 2011

Coming Soon!

Coming soon to Amazon!
Two books by André SanThomas!
Not your typical BDSM love story!  Enter the Realm of Janos, where women are owned as property by their men.  Beginning with a public ceremony, Ielle will employ her years of training to serve Kyr- until an assassin's plot gets between them.  Can their love overcome the threat?  Will Ielle learn to run the household of a Hausa?
In Ovia, a girl is called to the ceremony far too early, her training incomplete.  Shy, unsure, struggling to overcome the legacy of her black-hearted predecessor.  Will Ovia be strong enough to win the heart of her master? 
Both stories are wrapped around steamy sex and set in a world where men are men and their women are well used.  Check out this excerpt from Ielle:
He brushed his fingers lightly over her face, both hands touching her skin for the first time, warm, strong, knowing. She held still, watching him intently, determined not to flinch or succumb. He trailed the tips across her forehead, her eyes closing as he stroked over the lids, then fluttering open again when they moved to her cheeks. He used only one finger to draw ever so lightly across her lower lip. The barest touch on her, tingling, tickling. She wanted to bite her lip, scratch it with her teeth, soothe the itch he was creating. She wanted to press her mouth into his touch, but she would not.
She held still, her breath gently blowing while he continued, watching her intently, cataloging her responses. She could tell he saw her battle, but she would not confirm it for him. She held still, like a statue under the hands of a sculptor, a living work of art.
He stroked her upper lip, the same tickle and itch that she was unable to scratch. She stared him down. He moved his finger from her mouth, touching her ears, a firm pinch on each lobe, but still she refused to flinch. He grinned, no longer making any pretense of hiding his mirth. He stroked his hands down her throat, trailing over her collar bones, her skin breaking out in goose bumps at the touch. She sucked in air and found herself inhaling his scent. Something spicy and warm, masculine and primal.
He hefted both breasts, cupping them from underneath, weighing them, eyes locked on hers. They filled his hands nicely, she was neither too small nor too large. He nodded at the Oblate and the scribe made a note on a tablet.
He took her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers. He pressed and released several times until they started to pebble. She took slow, calming breaths, remembering her training, willing herself not to flush under his scrutiny. She couldn't prevent the gasp when he pinched hard, then twisted. She couldn't hide how they tightened under his touch. He could not know how her core clenched. A feeling she had never had before. Another nod to the scribe, another note.
And this one from Ovia:
He licked his tongue over her lips and she parted them for him.  She was drowning in his eyes, they were dark and deep.  Before she knew it, he was possessing her mouth, she couldn't breathe, she couldn't think.  She didn't need to, all she needed was him. 
She felt the hard solid stone of the altar under her rear, but his hands still held her, his lips still claimed her.  His tongue was exploring her mouth, then it was thrusting into her.  She felt a jolt, deep in her core.   They had talked of such things in the lessons, but she never knew it would feel like this.  She didn't even know when or how it happened, but she arched her back, pressing herself into him, wanting more even though she didn't really know what more would be like.  He was kneading her rear, digging his fingers into her, slanting his mouth on hers, chewing on her lower lip until she whimpered.
He laid her back.  He was still holding her mouth with his, his body resting against hers, letting her feel the weight of him.  She felt someone behind her, propping her up.  He released her mouth, both of them gulping in air, both of them unwilling to look away.  He took her hands from his shoulders and gently settled them behind her.  His friend took them in his hands, keeping her from touching.  She relaxed against the chest of his friend, unable to work out what she should do except submit and accept. 
Bylar smiled softly at her and she felt it reach deep into her core with another jolt.  He bent his head and sucked a nipple into his mouth.  She moaned at the feeling, incredible sensations rocketing through her.  By the gods, she had no idea.  He switched back and forth, moving from one side to the other, sucking hard, swirling his tongue on the tip, then rubbing his teeth over them and even biting gently.  She clenched her hands tightly, feeling her fingernails dig into her palms, not knowing what to do with herself. 
She yelped when he caught a tip between his teeth and tugged at it but somehow it only made her want him more.  She longed to pull him to her, but her arms were tightly gripped behind her.  She watched him, pleading with her eyes, not knowing what she pleaded for.  He would teach her, she would learn, she would watch for all the things that pleased him. 
He ran his tongue across her skin, moving ever closer to the sore skin of her mound.  She jumped when he soothed the warm, wetness over her, tracing circles on the sensitive part.  The pain was there, but so was her heat, rising within her.  She tried to shift her hips, to push herself into his tongue but she could hardly move. 
He sucked hard against her, flicking along the cleft, taking her hardening nub into his mouth and tormenting it with his tongue.  She moaned and squirmed, wanting more, unable to make sense of a thousand new feelings.  He glanced up at her, but still his mouth worked on her.  She thrashed her head from side to side, wanting to hold him, wanting to be pleasing for him. 
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sensual Submission: Driven

"What kind of cuffs do you like, Cerena?" 

"Well,  they all have their uses.  Except the fuzzy stuff of course.  Velcro isn't strong enough.  Plus all that fur gets caught in it and then it won't hold at all.  That's just for vanilla couples that want to pretend.  But, I think for you...  these."  She pulled some black leather cuffs from the peg wall.  "They have suede on the inside.  Your choice of colors.  Purple, blue, white, red, black.  Or they have tan leather with black suede."

She stepped forward and blatantly rubbed herself against him, pressing her breasts and her hips into him and sliding her hands along his chest.  He tipped his head down and kissed her, nibbling at her lower lip and sucking her tongue into his mouth.  God, she was incredible.  Anymore of this and he'd be tempted to fuck her right here in the shop.  Of course if he did that, he could probably get a cut of the tickets the owner would sell to watch.  And the DVD rights.

He patted her ass and ended the kiss.  "We're going to attract a crowd."  She smirked like maybe that wasn't such a big deal.  He wiggled the pink cuffs at her again and she laughed and backed up.
"Ok, ok.  What color do you want?"

"I think the blue then." 

"Excellent choice."  She took some from the wall and then added a larger matching pair.  "These go on the ankles.  You want some for the thighs?"  Thighs.  Yes, so many ways he could configure her.  He nodded and she added them to the basket. 

"Ok, once you've got me properly secured to something, you're going to want to do naughty, naughty things to me, aren't you?"  Yes, very naughty things.  Like fuck her up the ass, pinch her boobs, make her suck him off.  Yes, naughty, naughty things.  She was leading him to the next section, babbling about something but he couldn't focus on what she was talking about.  He was picturing her wearing the new cuffs and secured to his bed in a hundred different ways.

She tossed a bag of chain and another of eye bolts and dog snaps into the basket then stopped in front of a wall of torture items.  At least that's what they looked like to him.  

"Whips and canes.  Mmmm..."  She pulled one down.  "A deer skin flogger.  A nice medium weight.  Good for you to start with.  Picture the marks this will leave on my ass and my thighs and my tits and my cunt." 

She ran her fingers through the tails and rubbed them against her cheek.  Jesus.  Could he really use that on her?  She wanted him to, that much was clear.  His cock sure wanted him to.  He nodded and she added it to the purchases.

"My tits need attention."

"Do they now?  Come here then."  She grinned at him and moved in front of him.  He took her at her word and slipped his hands up under her shirt to cup her breasts.  She closed her eyes and breathed deeply while he stroked his thumbs over the tips.  They perked immediately, hard and ready for his attention.  Reluctantly, he took his hands away and smoothed her tank back down.  There was no missing them under that top.  Anyone would see how aroused she was.  "Better?"

"Well, actually, I was referring to the nipple clamp display, but yes, much better.  My cunt is juicing too.  Do you want to check it out?"  He laughed and slapped her bottom. 

"I think that will wait until we get home."

"Suit yourself!"  She looked over the selection and put a few different items into the basket. 

"Anything special you want?  Dildo, vibrator, butt plug?  Needle bra?"

"Needle b-"  He was sputtering.  Good god.  "Tell you what.  Here's my card.  Surprise me.  You've got ten minutes.  I'll be out front.  Don't be late.  I can always pick up those pink cuffs if I need them." 

She leaned up and kissed him, those perky nipples rubbing on his chest.  A hand reached down and accidentally on purpose brushed over his cock.  He sucked in air and pulled away. 

"Make it five minutes." 

Sensual Submission: Driven

He had to admit it was startling.  Arousing, absolutely.  Probably the most erotic thing he'd ever seen.  So much more vibrant than magazines and DVDs.  But startling none the less.  The girl was displayed.  Full frontal nudity for sure.  Except for the ropes, but then, those weren't exactly clothing or anything.  They wove across her skin and held her fast, enhancing her breasts, her pussy, her nakedness.  They didn't cover, not at all.

He tried not to stare like some teen checking out a Playboy magazine at the newsstand, but he wasn't sure he was pulling that off.  He wanted to appear just a little cool.  After all, he didn't want Greg to think he wasn't mature enough to handle all this.  He was twenty-eight years old after all, not a kid anymore.  Not that Greg was a lot older, only three years, even though technically he was Alec's uncle.  They grew up more like brothers or cousins being so close in age.  Certainly after he became adult they were really peers, but still Alec looked up to him a little. 

Greg was right about this appealing to him.  Big time.  Honestly, he didn't think such things were real.  Greg assured him they were though and now here was the proof.  The house was a mansion, secluded with security gates and gorgeous landscaping, trickled over the hillside with spectacular views.  It rose two stories in the front with a huge picture window, perfectly situated to take advantage of beauty of nature.  Instead, tonight at least, the naked beauty of nature was on the other side, held in a web of hemp and illuminated by the spot lights hidden in the foliage.

The design was intricate, weaving above and below her breasts, across her torso, between her legs and down them to some sexy high heels that looked like they were specially designed for the girl who would be wearing nothing but rope.  Her auburn hair brushed her shoulders.   She was watching them all drive up and pass their cars to the valets. 

The valets were interesting too.  Two topless women wearing mini skirts moved the vehicles to the big parking area.  He blinked when he realized that the breasts of one them seemed to be covered with a tattoo.  He couldn't imagine getting such a thing in such a place, but he had to admit it was pretty erotic.

The valets had nothing on the girl in the window though.  Her captivity worked in reverse to captivate him.  He was hard just looking at her.  A man stood behind her, whispering in her ear, running his hands over her while she watched them arrive.  Obviously she was spoken for, but he found her stunning. 

The room was a circus.  Everywhere he looked was one freakish something after another.  Some men dressed as he and Greg did, in formal attire.  Just as many were in dark skin tight leather or outfits that looked like something to be worn at a Halloween kink fest.  It was the women that held him mesmerized though. 

They crawled along the floor, knelt at the feet of the men, carried trays and wore leashes.  None of them was dressed really, although some wore more than others.  Everyone had at least nipples or pussy or ass showing to all and sundry.  It was almost overwhelming.  He didn't know where to look next, except that he always came back to his view of the woman in the window.
Her arms were crossed behind her back, wrists lashed to the opposite elbows.  He wondered how comfortable that was.  She didn't seem to be straining, at least not from that.  His touches on her were making her twitch though. 

Alec could see that his fingers were digging into that ass that so intrigued him.  He watched the man poke a finger her pucker and play with the ropes, causing them to tighten and dig into her.  She squirmed provocatively, but she didn't protest.  At least not in any way that was obvious to Alec.

Another girl joined them and helped the man to turn her to face the crowd.  She was looking at the crowd, but she only had eyes for the man that tended to her.  The devotion was astounding.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Do it

“Sign this, Botany.”  Garrett passed her a clipboard with a form and questionnaire on it.  “Fill it out carefully.”  What the fuck.  She was getting something pierced.  And it wasn’t ears.  She looked at him, trying to decide what to do.  Go along?  Question?  Refuse?  Leave? 
He gave her that killer smile again.  “Don’t ask what you’re getting.  Do it because I want you to.  Do it because it pleases you to please me without hesitation or question.”  He leaned in close to her ear where she could feel his breath on her skin again.  “Do it because it will be yet another step down the road of the greatest sex you’ve ever had.  Do it because you know I’m right.”
Fucking hell.  Part of her, a big part really, wanted to fuck him right there in the shop when he talked like that.  How bad could it be?  Lots of people got things pierced right?  If it was really bad, she could stop, right?  A belly button ring could be really cute.  If she hated it she could take it out and it’d close up again, right?  More permanent than dying your hair or getting it cut but it didn’t have to be as permanent as a tattoo. 
She checked the form on the clipboard, nope, not tattoos, just piercing permission.  Lots of questions about her overall health, all of which was fine.  She glanced around, the place looked clean too.  Besides, Garrett always used a condom, it wasn’t likely that he’d take to a piercing place where she’d get dirty needles.
She sighed and signed.  Handing him back the clipboard.  He kissed her hard then.  Oh god, what a great kisser he was.  She felt completely possessed when he kissed her like that, ravaged, consumed.  She could nearly come just from his kiss.  And those hands, roaming over her back, tracing the stripes from last night.  How could she say no to anything he wanted?  She couldn’t walk away.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dressed for success

He was interested to see what she chose to wear to please him.  Beautiful.  She did an excellent job.
The shorts were designed to look like cut off jeans.  Probably weren’t, but looked like it.  They were so short the pockets hung out the bottom.  Those low-rise things, fucking oxymoronic marketing name, but hot, hot.  As far as his prick was concerned, you could call them whatever you wanted.  He could see her hips above the waistband and he had no fucking clue what kept things like that from falling off, but that’s a lot of what made them so hot.
She had on a simple tank top, but it was lace and he could see right through it.  She wasn’t wearing a bra.  He could see those tits plain as day.  He couldn’t wait to get those tits pierced either.  They’d have to do that soon.
She topped it with the high heels he got her the other day.  Those Jimmy Choos or Louboutins or whatever the fuck they were.  Studs on the sides of that black lace and leather.  Edgy and delicate.  So her. 
She had her new earrings on and her hair pulled back in a simple pony tail.  His fingers actually itched to grab her by that handle.  He motioned for her to turn around and she did, without any hesitation or protest, showing off for him.  Flirting with him.  She couldn’t help herself but to flirt.  Even now that she’d submitted to him, she still flirted.
The rear was even better.  The shorts were so low on her hips and so high on her ass.  The swells of  reddened skin peeked out just with her standing there, not even bending over.   If she had a tramp stamp, it would be clearly visible.  She didn’t have one.  Yet.  He really wasn’t huge on tattoos, but he could see how one in the right place on her might be fun.  Especially if he got her one for his pleasure, just to make her submit to it.  Marking her forever.  He’d think on that.
He stood before her, looking into those beautiful eyes of hers.  Those lashes were so long.  She didn’t look like she’d used any makeup today.  Just a little lipstick stuff.  She didn’t need to.  He reached out to her ear, tightening the earring just a bit like he did the other day.  Then the other.  She didn’t squirm or question it today, didn’t try to fix it.  She learned quickly.  She loved it too much.
He grabbed that pony tail, wrapping his hand around it, twisting her head back and around and then kissing her, deeply, totally.  She didn’t stand a chance.  He rubbed his cock against her, letting her know what she would get later if she behaved herself. 
She pressed herself to him as much as she could.  Not as much as she wanted because he controlled her with his hand in her hair.  Not that he didn’t want her pressed against him, but he wanted her controlled, moving where he moved her, moving how he moved her.
She stroked his chest, moaned into his mouth, tried to play with his tongue but he didn’t let her.  He took.  It wasn’t a case of what she gave.  He was taking.  She could give or not, she was his now.  She did give though, he knew she would.  She acquiesced and bent to him.  Perfect.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


They waited a moment on the front veranda while the valet fetched the car from wherever it was hidden.  She took matters into her own hands and snuggled into him, tilting her head back to look at him, licking her lips.
“Kiss me,” she said, sliding her hands over his shirt, caressing his chest, kneading his shoulders.  He grinned at her.
“Ask me nicely.”
She grinned back, enjoying the playful banter.  She arched her back and made a point to press her breasts into him.  She rubbed the inside of her thigh against the outside of his leg.
“Pretty please?”  She pouted her lips, ready for him to give in.
“Pretty please, do what?”
“Pretty please, kiss me?”  She licked them, knowing her tongue was just peeking out.
“Hmmm… I might consider it.”  He caught the leg she was rubbing against him and lifted it higher, holding it tightly.  His strong, warm hand on her bare thigh sent tingles through her belly.  Her skin was pressed against the jeans he wore, the rough denim heating her skin. 
Her crotch wasn’t quite pressed into him, but it was pretty damned close.  Her skirt rode up dangerously high.  Far too much given she was standing on someone else’s front porch.  She let out a long, slow breath when the vibe buzzed again. 
“I can smell how wet you are, Botany.”
“Oh god.  Please…”  Her voice was husky, even in her own ears.  She’d never been so hot.  He raised an eyebrow, his eyes twinkling.
“That sounds an awful lot like you’re begging me.  Is that what I hear, Botany?”
“Yes.  Please.”  She leaned into him as much as she could while standing on one high heel.  She pressed up onto tip toe to reach his lips with her own.  “Kiss me, please.”
“Well, since you asked so nicely.”  She couldn’t breathe.  He was taking her mouth.  His tongue probed her, insisting on the path he set.  There was no give and take, it was all consuming.  The hand on her thigh was burning into her skin.  Her pussy was throbbing with need.  She couldn’t get her breasts tight enough against him.  All she wanted was to grind her crotch into his.
He released her mouth and caressed high on her thigh, nearly to her hip before letting go, holding her against his chest while they both caught their breath.  She became aware that the valet had discretely cleared his throat.  The car was ready.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Ah, how well he knew her!  He knew she would be aching, not just from the pinch of the clamps and the pull of the tethers, but aching for him.  She screamed when he grabbed her from behind, so into herself and the intensity that she didn't hear him enter the room.  He nibbled her ear and used a hank of her hair to tip her head back against his chest, his warm breath teasing the sensitive spot just behind her ear.  He fingered the clamp on her right tit, flicking it a few times while she shuddered and twitched, then soothing around it.  She breathed deeply through her mouth, unable to move until he decided what to do next.  Her knees buckled when he unceremoniously pulled the clamp from her nipple.  The dull throb and ache turned to sharp hot pain when blood surged back into the tissues.  

Before she could fully recover he was twisting and turning the clamp on her left breast.  She steeled herself for him to remove it, but was unprepared when instead he yanked the clamp from her pussy lips.  His fingers found their way along her slit, rubbing over the spot he had just assaulted, dipping every so briefly into her cunt.  His wet fingers were at her mouth and she opened to him.  She tasted herself and applied all her energy to sucking every drop of her juices from his talented fingers.  Her tongue caressed him, stroking and hoping to tease him into changing his fingers for his cock.  He abruptly freed her left nipple, causing her to start, but luckily she kept her teeth from scratching or biting him.  His left hand was kneading the sore breast, squeezing and releasing her throbbing nipple, rubbing and twisting it, stretching then relaxing it.  She was light headed from the sensations.  Her own juices were wet on her thighs, his fingers still in her mouth.  She fed from him, his hand working her breast, his hard denim covered cock against her naked ass, her bare back and cuffed hands held tightly against his bare chest and stomach.

He removed his hand from her lips and slipped it under her legs, lifting her in his arms.  She caressed her face against his chest.  She settled into the feel of him, the strength of him holding her.  He put her on her knees and bent her over the rounded top of the antique trunk that occupied a place in the living room.  He released her hands just long enough to reattach them over her head to a hook at the rear of the chest.  Her legs were free but he placed them firmly a couple feet apart.  Even without instruction the message was clear that she was not to close them.  Her sore breasts pressed into the smooth old wood, warming it with the heat of her skin.  He massaged her ass cheeks, gripping and releasing, soothing and arousing.  A finger toyed along the cleft of her rear, circling her ass hole.  She held her breath wondering if he'd take her ass this time.   He moved his hand lower, taking possession of her cunt with his thumb.  He massaged her inner core while the other hand rubbed her flank.  She gasped and moaned.  He moved his hand, a finger within millimeters of her clit but not quite touching.  He pulled out and wiped his soaking finger on her rear.  She was embarrassingly wet and the evidence was a damp swath drying across her ass. 

She slept locked in his embrace with her hands attached to a thick length of chain secured to the headboard.  His leg thrown casually over her hip and a hand cupped her breast.  His cock nestled against her rear.  Several hours later she woke to find him stroking her intimately before taking her again.  He left her hands chained while he claimed her.  This time was firm and commanding but not punishing as the earlier time had been.  Her fingers clenched into thin air, unable to run them through his hair or to stroke his chest or massage his back.  Any way he took her she fed off his pleasure, so content to know that she satisfied him yet again. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Early Days for Brad and Kaitlyn

He lit up with his killer smile, once again taking her mouth with his.  This time she felt a change.  He possessed it in an intimate way that he had not quite used on her before.  He was making his mark on her, owning her, letting her know what was possible.  He laid her back on the blanket, never letting go of her mouth, bringing a hand into the low cut top of her dress.  He cupped a breast, first stroking it gently then roughly grabbing it.  She moaned, consumed by his magic mouth, desperate for him, his hand grabbing her breast exactly right, even though he dug into the sensitive flesh. 

He found her nipple, rolling it firmly between his fingers, harsher than anyone had done it before, making her flinch and yet making her oh so hot at the same time.  He slid his mouth off her lips and worked his way down her throat, stroking his tongue on her skin, sucking gently and tasting the sweat and sea spray. 

"Mmmm," he murmured, nuzzling between her breasts.   "Unhook the halter Kaity."  She took a breath, knowing she was taking a big step that could not be taken back.  He was asking her to offer her breasts to him.  No, again, not asking her, telling her.  And not just her breasts, all of her.  The only real question was did she want it.  Yes, she did want it.  And she was going to take the chance and get it.  The only other choice was her lonely apartment, her vibrator and her books and that was just not going to be acceptable anymore.

She leveraged herself up a bit, slipping her hands behind her neck and undoing the hook at the back that released the halter.  The straps fell, the weight of her breasts pulling the cups down and baring them to him.  She went to move her hands, but he stopped her, telling her to leave them clasped behind her neck.  She laced the fingers together, arching as much as she could in the hopes that he'd enjoy the view.  She was rewarded with his mouth moving down over her right breast, inching closer and closer to her nipple.  He took it between his teeth and tugged at it while she twitched and groaned and bit her own lip in simultaneous pain and passion.  

Oh yes, this was a thousand times better than any online list of instructions she'd had.  And no one she'd ever had real sex with had done such a thing with her before.  They were always so careful and solicitous.  Never passionate and ravenous like Brad.  This was intense and magical. 

Her eyes drifted shut but snapped open at his command, combined with a nip on the very end of her tit that made her yelp.  "Stay with me Kaity, no escaping elsewhere, understand?" 

"Yes, I understand," she responded, now totally in the moment. 

"Good girl."  He moved to the other breast, repeating his movements there, chewing at her breast and making her moan.  He plucked at the tit, pulling it out from her skin, using it to heft the weight of her breast, even wagging it back and forth making her cry out.  It hurt, yes, but in a way she couldn't explain it was a good hurt.  She had never been so wet.  She squirmed and tried to stroke her leg along his hoping to entice him to move things along.  He pulled back and laughed. 

"You wanton little slut!"  She was started, no one had ever called her something like that before, even in fun.  Honestly, no one had ever made her feel so wanton before so if truth be told, she guessed it fit.  He stroked his hand along the outside of her thigh up to cup her hip, shoving the dress out of the way as he went.  That left her skirt bunched up at her waist, her damp panties peeking out.  He continued to chew and suck on her breasts, creating a hickey on the right one that would probably show at least a bit when she was dressed again.    

"Stand up and undress for me, Kaity, right here on the beach where anyone might come by and see."  She knew this was a test and steeled herself to pass it.   She got unsteadily to her bare feet, the top of the dress flapping open at her waist already.  A quick flick of the side zip and the waist came free.  She let the fabric drop to the ground and stepped out of it.  Standing in front of him with nothing on but her boring cotton briefs.  She hoped she passed muster in her naked state.  She wasn't a thin girl, but if the gleam in his eye was anything to judge by, he didn't mind.  He nodded for her to continue with the panties so she slipped her fingers into the elastic and pushed them down over her hips, letting them fall to the ground as well.  She didn't know what to do with her hands, a large part of her desperately wanting to cover herself but the rest of her knowing that was not the right move. 

She remembered his earlier instruction and laced them behind her neck again, totally open in front of him.  He licked his lips, leaning back and looking up at her standing before him.  Her super fair skin glowed in the moonlight, darkened only by the shadow of pubic hair at her triangle and the hickey he had applied on her breast.

He watched the emotions play over her face, giving her some time to absorb.  He enjoyed that she had curves and some meat on her.  He hated those stick insect high maintenance girls that only wanted him for his money and position.  He loved that she had been wearing simple plain white cotton briefs under that sexy dress. 

"Who does this dress belong to Kaity?"  

"How do you know it isn't mine?"  

"It doesn't match the panties," he said.  "And you don't answer my questions with questions, understand?"  She flinched at the displeasure in his tone.  He wasn't playing, and she didn't want to bring his criticism down on her. 

"I'm sorry." 

"Yes, you're just learning, but don't make me tell you things more than once.  So, whose dress is it?" 

"Alisa, a friend of my roommate."  

"As I thought.  You'll have to have the valet service dry clean it before you return it to her.  Bill it to my room."  She was utterly embarrassed that he knew she'd borrowed it for the occasion and even more so that he could tell by her granny panties.   She didn't think guys really noticed things like that, especially when they had a naked girl in front of them, but either she was wrong or Brad was an exception to that rule.  She shifted her weight from foot to foot, trying not to fidget but really uncomfortable just standing there naked in front of him, out in the open where anyone else taking a moonlight stroll could come upon her. 

Not to mention, she really wasn't in the habit of being totally naked in front of a guy less than 24 hours after first meeting them.  She kept her hands laced together behind her neck, both hoping he would do something soon and dreading he would do something soon.  She nearly jumped out of her skin when he called her over.  He slipped onto his knees and wrapped his hands around her bare ass, grabbing and hand full of each cheek.  He rested his cheek against her soft stomach, then trailed his tongue across her skin, circling her navel and tracing the space between her navel and the top of her furry mound. 

She whimpered, tantalized by his touch on her, praying he would move lower, pushing her hips towards him.  He held her in place, his big solid hands tightly clenching her rear so that she was sure there would be handprints tomorrow.  He let go of one cheek and traced a finger through her slit, making her shiver.  He dipped it into her cunt and she lolled her head back anxious for him to do more.  He swirled his finger around, then stabbed a second one in to join the first, pumping back and forth in her slick, hot canal.  Her thighs were quivering and her bare nipples were hard and standing at attention.   

She rocked against his fingers, never having felt so wanton.  Maybe she really was the slut he called her earlier.  He pulled his hand free, glistening in the moonlight with the evidence of her arousal.  He stood up in front of her and brought his fingers to her lips. 

"Taste it Kaity.  Suck them clean.  Taste how much you want this and how much you want me."  She bit her lip then parted them for him, drawing his fingertips into her mouth, stroking them with her tongue.  She tasted the tang of her juices and the salt of his skin, mingled together.  She flexed her fingers, still held behind her neck, wanting to touch him but knowing she wasn't supposed to unless he allowed it, wanting it more so than if he had.  When she was done, he kissed her again, holding her chin with his damp hand. 

"Good girl," he told her.  "Get dressed." 

"What?" she sputtered.  A sharp smack landed on her bare bottom making her jump. 

"Don't answer me with questions, Kaity.  Get dressed.  And no panties.  I don't want you wearing panties again until I find you some that I approve of."  He stuffed her plain briefs into his pocket to ensure they would not return to her body. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just where she belongs

"The blue rubber bands on each nipple please and the yellow on the bases." 

"Right away Master Brad."  She pulled something from a drawer at the wardrobe and then deftly circled the base of each of Kaitlyn's breasts with a large wide rubber band.  She made two turns around each one and let it snap when she released it.  Kaitlyn jumped and bit back a yelp each time.  She immediately felt the pressure building in her tits and could see her nipples becoming erect.  Two smaller blue bands were similarly slipped over each nipple and flipped around for two turns as well.  Like the larger bands she let each of them snap directly on the nipples when she released them, prying a squeal from Kaitlyn both times despite her best efforts.  The bands were tight on her skin, as bad as any clamps he'd used so far but in a different way.  

"You're beautiful like this my Kaity," he said, standing over her and looking down at her through her spread legs.  "As a matter of fact, you've been beautiful all day.  But like this, you're mine.  Open and spread for me, bound and stripped with my marks on your ass and thighs."  He trailed his fingers over her skin as he talked, adding in sharp pinches as he went that made her twitch and groan.  "Your tits are at total attention, ready for me to chew on or whip.  You're looking at me and nothing else, totally mine.  Aren't you my wanton little slut?"  He punctuated his question with a sharp pinch close to her cunt.

"Yes!" she yelled out, combining her yelp and his answer.  "Yes, I'm your wanton little slut.  I'm totally yours." 

"Just imagine that fucking machine with you like this.  I could set it here and drill it into your cunt for hours.  Or your ass.  Or I could get two and do both.  Or, I'm sure there's an attachment that would do both holes at once.  I could leave you on it for days at a time," he mused.  She shivered at the thought. 

"Are your nipples sore Kaity?  I've ordered some fun toys for them.  I don't think I'm going to have your nipples pierced anytime soon.  We'll see.  It would be a lot of fun to have rings there.  Think of all the things I could tie them to."  He flicked his fingers sharply at each nipple hitting them with the back of his nail until she whimpered.  "I didn't hear your answer Kaity." 

"Yes, yes, they're sore, throbbing pain." She could hardly talk as he continued to flick at them. 

"Riding crop or finger flicks, Kaity?" 

She tried to choose the smart answer.  "I think you'd prefer the riding crop."  

"True.  See how well you know me?  Mrs. Haben, would you mind?"  She was startled, having forgotten that Mrs. Haben was still there.  He definitely had her undivided attention.  Mrs. Haben handed him a crop.  He swished it through the air a few times, then slapped it against his hand with a pop that made her jump. 

"Your boobs are still stripped from last night, so I'll have to use this where there aren't any welts showing.  I'd say right on the nipples, wouldn't you Mrs. Haben?"  Mrs. Haben stepped close again, peering closely at Kaitlyn's nipples then pulled back.  "Yes, it seems so Master Brad."  Before Kaitlyn had time to do more than suck in her breath in preparation, the tip of the crop came slapping down on her left nipple.  She screamed.  She knew she shouldn't but it shot out of her like it had a mind of its own.  Before she could focus again, Mrs. Haben was at her side, sticking one of those ball gags in.  This time Kaitlyn welcomed it.  It would keep her from annoying him.  She'd done her best not to scream and that was all she could do.  She'd use this help to do what he wanted.  When it was buckled tightly the crop hit the right tit, if it was possible even harder than it had the first one.  The gag absorbed her scream this time and it felt good to let it out.

More slaps rained down on each nipple, alternating between them.  Her head was thrashing from side to side.  She reached deep within and reminded herself to submit.  To just feel it and not fight it.  That calmed her and she settled a bit.  

Then suddenly she was keening again, screaming into the gag.  He was hitting her cunt with the crop.  She pulled reflexively to close her legs but her feet were secured wide apart.  She tried to pull her hands up to cover herself but they were secured to the floor.  There was nothing she could do and slap after slap was striking her pussy lips.  He stopped.  She hoped that meant he was done.  She whimpered and felt the tears drip down her face.  He was watching her intently, smiling at her. 

"Do you want me to fuck you, Kaity?"  She bobbed her head up and down as much as she could.  "Good girl.  Because I'm going to do it now either way, so it will be nice if you want it too." He grinned.  She nodded as much as she could, hoping he knew she was begging for him.  He pushed the chain aside and slipped into her cunt, holding himself tightly against her throbbing cunt for a moment.  She took the chance to adjust to the feel of him filling her.  She was just where she belonged.  She was his to use and he was making use of her as was his way. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wanton Little Slut

She was ready to beg him to take her right then and there, but he was insistant that she get something to eat first.  Mrs. Haben had a meal ready for them and she sat especially upright in the chair, held in place by the corset, feeling the balls inside her cunt.  Her jacket and skirt had been removed, her bare breasts stood obscenely from the top of the corset.  The chastity belt only drew the eye to her crotch.  Mrs. Haben served the meal as though a half naked dinner companion was nothing special.  Brad had shucked off his suit coat and loosened his tie, unbuttoning his top buttons.  He looked incredibly sexy like that and she couldn't keep from watching him while she ate.  "Why Kaity," he said after a bit.  "You wanton little slut.  You're looking at me like you'd eat me for dessert if you could."  

"Yes, Master, I am your wanton little slut and yes, I would ravage you if you'd let me."  She realized that Mrs. Haben had heard her call him Master.  She supposed she'd better get used to Mrs. Haben seeing and hearing pretty much everything.

"Very tempting, but tonight I'm going to ravage my girl.  I guess we should get on with it then.  Mrs. Haben, please take Kaity upstairs and remove her ben wa balls for me.  I'll have legs spread, hands together to the headboard please.  I'll be up shortly, I just have to make one overseas call first and put a project to bed."

Once upstairs Kaitlyn stood still while Mrs. Haben unlocked the chastity belt and helped her to step out of it.  It felt so good to get it off.  It had been digging into her skin all day and left red marks on her skin.  Now it was time to remove the balls.  She closed her eyes, not wanting to know how that was going to be accomplished.  Mrs. Haben was almost clinical when she asked Kaitlyn to spread her legs and reached a finger inside her to scoop them out one at a time.  Kaitlyn willed herself to relax so that the balls would release, but it was extremely difficult to do so given the circumstances.  It was a relief to have them out and a relief to have the process of removing them over, but she felt extremely empty suddenly.  She hoped Brad would be up soon and fill her back up. 

She lay on the bed and waited while Mrs. Haben washed up.  When she returned, each of Kaitlyn's legs was cuffed and chained wide apart to the corners of the bed.  Her hands were cuffed and hooked to each other, then to a single chain centered in the middle of the headboard.  The corset was still tight on her skin and Kaitlyn was sure that the marks left by the chastity belt would be nothing compared to what she'd look like once the corset finally came off.  She lay there waiting, reviewing her day, remembering with a smile telling her boss off.

He found her like that, a slight smile on her face while she waited bound in his bed.  The corset was beautiful on her, her breasts were perky and waiting for him, her cunt was bare and spread for him.  She was his, totally his Kaity.  There was nothing better.  He slapped the multi-tailed flogger into his hand and she snapped her head torwards the door at the sound.  He could see the flogger scared her, but he could also see she wanted him and no one else.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Bedtime stories

"You have your instructions girl."

"Yes, master."

And that's how I find myself at Home Depot, running my fingers over the chain in the display.  Nothing sharp, per the instructions.  A small carabineer so that it can be attached to a D ring in the collar.  Then five feet seven inches of heavy, smooth chain. 

Of course with a length like that, it has to be cut by the guy that works here.  Shit, fuck, damn.   He’s eyeing me.  And of course I’m wearing a little mini skirt and a plain white t-shirt with no bra under it.  And high heeled ankle boots.  He’s going to ask.  I see it.  And I have to tell him if he asks.  Damn.

“So, whatcha getting this for?”  There it is, I knew it was coming too.

“My master wants it to chain up his slave girl.”  Yes, I’m beet red.  The guy is grinning like an idiot.  You know he was hoping for an answer like that.  He’d probably have made one up and shared it with the guys in the break room no matter what I said.  Now he wouldn’t have to bother, he had it straight from the slave girl’s mouth.

He believes it.

“Really?  You’re into that huh?”


“You like it huh?”

“Love it.  Uh, you done with that?”

“Oh sure, here you go.”

All I need now are the locks.  Master locks (of course, right?), keyed the same.  Got it.  Now thankfully home again with the supplies.  Nothing to do but wait for his call.

It came that evening, just before 6pm.  Master was 3000 miles away, but still in charge.  I wasn’t to forget it either. 

“Are you naked and kneeling for me, waiting by the phone?”

“Yes, master.”

“Excellent.  Is your collar on?  And your wrist and ankle cuffs?”

“Yes, master.”

“Take a carabineer and attach it to the front of your collar.”  The snap seemed so loud in my ears. 

“Did you attach the end of the chain to the foot of the bed?”

“Yes, I used the hasp you told me about and there are six big long screws holding it in place.” 

“And did you use a lock to attach it to the hasp?”

“Yes master.”

“Put the phone on speaker and lay flat on your naked back on the bed.”

I settled into position.   

“Are you wet?”

“I’m always wet for you master.”

“As you should be.  Put the vibe in but don’t turn the remote on yet.”  I slide the vibe as far in as it would go, feeling it fill me and rub against my g-spot, the other end settled on my clit.

“Lock your ankle cuffs to the chain.”  It clicked once for the right, again for the left, bringing my feet together and locking the vibe in place between my thighs.

“Did anyone ask what the chain was for?”

“Yes, master.  I told them that my master wanted it for his sex slave.”  He laughed, yes, of course he found it amusing.  It would be from where he sat.

“Poor baby.  If I was there, I’d beat your tits to make you feel better.”  I shuddered imagining it, both relieved and disappointed he wasn’t here to do it.

“Pinch your nipples for me, work them like I’d work them if I was there.  Pull them, twist, release, then again.”  I followed his commands, not even considering cheating, do it just like he would, feeling the pinch, gasping with it, unable to do anything other than his bidding.  It went on and on, minute after minute, the nipples hard and at strict attention.

“Lay the chain over your skin.  Is it cold?” 

“Freezing!”  It settled over my skin from my tethered ankles to my neck.  I held my breath while it warmed against me, the weight settling on me, his presence by proxy. 

“Hook it to the carabineer on your collar.”  Done, I am chained.

“You have the key on the string, attached to your wrist cuff?  You’ve tested and you can reach it with your hands together?”

“Yes master.”

“Turn the vibe on high and then lock your wrists to the chain.  You can turn the vibe off at 6am.  Good night girl.”

© 2011 André Santhomas

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


He's been watching her.  She is close, but not quite right.  She wears a ring that catches the light, but it isn't a diamond.  It’s a little silver skull.  She wears it on her middle finger instead of her ring finger in a subtle "fuck you".

She flirts because she can't help herself but to flirt.  She intrigues him because she isn’t fully polished.  She's just like all the other women he meets at things like this.  Except she's not going to be too high and mighty to get down and dirty when the time comes.  And she's going to toe the line because he has much more power and money than she could ever imagine and you can do things with that.  When he wants something, he gets it, one way or another.  He wants her.  Wants to not just rent her but own and possess her.  If it takes some money to do that, no big deal.  He'll make more.

He's made more while he's been standing here thinking about it.  Hundreds of thousands more.  Maybe even a million if that damned overseas deal has finally closed.  Doesn't matter.  What matters is having her sprawled on his sheets, servicing his every whim, adoring him, riding him, performing for him.  She's young and beautiful.  She'll be even more beautiful naked and sweating, straining when he ties her up.  He'll have her arms above her head, her ankles tied to the footboard, pulling her uncomfortably tight.  He'll touch her and she'll twitch.  For him.  He'll fuck her hard, for his own pleasure.  He won't have to pretend to care if she comes or not.  She will though.  She won't be able to help herself.  But he won't have to care either way.

He'll whip her.  Not the little pretend slap on the butt he has to give one of those trophy wife types.  He can make the heat radiate off her skin.  He can put stripes on her ass with his flogger.  Or her tits.  And he can call them tits.  He doesn't have to call them breasts and pretend he's looking into her eyes when he talks.  He can look down her shirt and grab a feel.  Hell, he'll have her naked all the time.  No messing around with hundreds of designer dresses that really all look the same to him.  And the shoes.  The dozens of fucking shoes all these girls seem to like.  This one will be barefoot and naked unless he wants her dressed up.

And when she is dressed up and he takes her out, she'll wear his mark on her.  A choker is so trite.  A bracelet.  No, an ankle bracelet.  Something unusual so that people will notice and comment, but it won't be blatant.  There's one at Tiffany.  A hinged bangle.  But he'll have the jeweler lock it on her so it won't come off her ankle.  Ever. 

She'll beg to serve him.  She won't be able to help herself.  She already lives for the fuck.  She'll die for his fuck.  And his attention.  And the joy of pleasing him.  And the fear of annoying him.  All her focus will be on him.  She won't eat or sleep or pee without his permission.  She won't sulk or whine or cut him off when she wants her way.  Her way won't matter.  Her only way will be his way.

All he has to do is get her.  That's the easiest part.  He'll entice her. He's got power and prestige and she likes that.  If she didn't, she wouldn't be here right now.  She'd be at a playground somewhere pushing a stroller instead of dirty dancing in a room full of people.  She might resist.  That will only make it more fun.  He'll triumph because he is who he is.  And because she is who she is, she'll submit.  And that will be just the first time she submits to him.  She'll spend the rest of her life submitting to him once she takes the first step.

© 2011 André Santhomas

Monday, May 16, 2011


Totally his.  He left her on stage a good hour, the backdrop for several other acts that performed during the evening.  Her juices were on her thighs, her skin was shining from the oil, she was naked, exposed, displayed.  For him.   He watched her up there, watched others watching her.  Yes, most of these men wanted her.  They saw what he saw when she was like this.  Some of the women saw it too.  His wanton little slut. 

Back in their hotel room, he tied her spread eagle to the bed.  She was stretched tightly, his touch on her directly now.  She stifled a yelp when he clamped each nipple, taking deep breaths until they settled into a throb.  She groaned when he pulled out the paddle.  Flat on her back, his options for places to swat her were going to sting in a serious way.  He grabbed her jaw tightly in his hand and ravaged her mouth, thrusting into her, owning her.  "Who owns you Kaity?" he asked against her mouth, not letting her catch her breath enough to answer him.  "I do," he supplied, taking her mouth again.

He slapped the paddle down over her mound, not as hard as he could have, but enough to make her yelp and jerk.  "Mine." 

"Yes, Master, yours."  He grabbed her breasts roughly, paying no mind to the clamps as he did so, making her wince and bite her lip.  "Mine." 

"Yes, Master, yours," she repeated.   He roughly shoved two fingers into her sopping cunt.  "Yours Master, yours," she said before he could even claim it.  "Yes, Mine."  He fucked her with his fingers, pushing them in and out of her faster and faster, his thumb brushing her clit each time.  His fingers bending up to rub the ridges of the g-spot.  She was sweating and breathing heavily, soaking wet and close to coming for him when he stopped, pulling his fingers free and having her clean them with her mouth. 

He smiled at her as she worked on his fingers.  Her pent up longing from the day transferred to her tongue on his hand. 

"My wanton little slut, licking your sex juice off my hand like one of those window whores would."  Yes, she was, his wanton little slut.  Ah, finally, he was entering her, filling her, feeding the longing she had all day for him.  He was just right for her, fit her perfectly in every way.   She screamed out her climax, clenching tightly on him when she came, bringing him along with her.  He rested on top of her, whispering into her ear, playing with her hair. 

"You know, Kaity, I saw the damndest thing today.  I was walking about the city.  There were lots of women in the whore houses, selling their wares in the windows, but one display happened to catch my eye.   It was three sluts in a window.  One light, one dark and one stunning red head.  But it was the red head that really caught my eye, you know why?"  She shook her head no.  "Well, see the dark one and the light one were just up there making a buck, but the red head, she was different.  She's a wanton little slut that just wants to fuck.  She had her eye on me the whole time and she just wanted to have me fuck her silly.  And you know what else about her?"  She slowly shook her head again.  "She liked those girls touching her.  She did.  She liked those little kitten touches at the direction of her Master.  Didn't she?" 

She sucked in some air feeling a bit light-headed and realizing she'd been holding her breath while he talked.  "Yes, I think she did, Master." 

"And then you know what else I saw Kaity?"  He fingered her nipples now, plucking at them while he talked softly to her.  "That same wanton little slut strutted on up to a stage, naked, in front of a hundred strangers and begged them to chain her down.  Demanded that they do it so that they could have their way with her.  Just to please him.  And you know what else?"  He slipped a hand back down to her cunt, feeling how she was wet yet again.  "That wanton little slut came up there in front of all those people and you know why she came?" 

He zeroed in on her clit and started flicking it.  "Because it pleased him.  But also because she liked it for herself.  She liked that girl fingering her in front of all those people.  She liked watching that whore suck her Master off.  She liked watching him fondle that girl while someone fondled her.  Didn't she?"

She found it hard to talk.  He was doing amazing things to her clit and she was seeing the scene again through his eyes.  She was amazingly hot and embarrassed about the whole thing at the same time.  "Yes Master, I loved pleasing you." 

He gave her clit a sharp flick with the back of his finger.  "That's a half truth Kaity.  You loved it for you too didn't you?" 

A tear slipped from her eye.  She wasn't sure if it was from the pain of the flick or the truth of his words or both.  "Yes Master, I loved it for me because I was doing it for you.  I wouldn't go looking for a girl, or looking for a stage, but I loved it for me and doing it for you." 

"There's my Kaity-girl," he said, reaching over to the bedside drawer that the maid had put the sex toys in.  He pulled out the big battery dildo they had brought from home.  He rested it on her chest, pointing it at her face while he untied her arms from the headboard.  She flexed her fingers when he released them, then rubbed her wrists.  He plopped himself on the bed next to her, just watching her a minute.  "Use the vibe and bring yourself off for me Kaity-girl.  Show me what that wanton slut really wanted to do up on that stage and in that window.  Show me Kaity."

She pushed herself up a bit and took the vibe from her chest, bringing it to her lips and stroking it with her tongue first.  Slowly, seductively she caressed it like it was his hard cock.  She flipped the power on and teased her nipples with it, pinching them with one hand and vibrating them with the other.  She moved the damp vibe over her skin and down to her bare cunt.  Her legs were still tethered wide apart, taut and spread for him, her pussy lips open and oozing with fluid.  She stroked the buzzing vibe up and down her slit, then in and out of her cunt, seeing it happening all over again, feeling herself on the stage with that girl's slick hands on her, watching that girl sucking him off.  She screamed for him when she came, thrashing against the restraints on her ankles, pressing the vibe hard on her clit while it washed over her.  She couldn't see, she couldn't hear, she couldn't think anything but pleasing him.  

He untied her, rubbing her feet, making sure her circulation was working then cuddling her into him.  "You're my girl Kaity," he whispered in her ear as she drifted off to sleep.   

© 2011 André Santhomas

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Window Shopping

They had a whole day to themselves in Amsterdam and Brad promised her some window shopping.  He dressed her in a short pleated skirt that barely covered her ass cheeks, a see through lacey thong and a bikini top.  Fortunately the weather was warm because there was a huge amount of her bare skin showing.  They stepped out of a cab in an old section of the city, walking over the cobblestones and checking out the shop windows.  They turned a corner and Kaitlyn quickly realized that she was no longer looking at nick nacks and curios.  Instead there were women in the windows in various stages of undress.  All provocatively attempting to lure customers in off the street.  She had heard that prostitution was legal here, but she didn't expect it to be so blatent. 

He grinned at her surprise and kept her moving down the block.  They made a turn and then he was taking her into one of the shops.   He asked for someone by name and a moment later a big burly man with tattoos appeared.  They shook hands and he eyed Kaitlyn up and down.  Kaitlyn didn't need to speak Dutch to know that a deal had been struck.  What deal she wasn't sure, but obviously she was a part of it.  Brad gave her a kiss and grabbed her ass with both hands.  The man laughed and a moment later a woman came out and took Kaitlyn by the hand.  She found herself in a window display on the second floor with two other women.  One was tiny with long blond hair that reached nearly to her knees.  The other was dark with a deep brown skin and an exotic look.  The other girls wore only g-strings and moved to take her bikini top off.

Kaitlyn backed up, unsure of what was going on.  The girls didn't speak English either, but they nodded to the passersby on the street.  Yes, they were to put on a show for these people, entice them to enter the brothel.  She got that part.  And now she was to be part of that show.  Who knows what else she was to be part of.  She was deciding what she'd go along with when she spotted Brad on the street looking up and watching her.  He gave her a nod and it cleared her head.  She was performing for Brad.  She could do that.  She took a deep breath then allowed the dark girl to unhook her top and pull it off, letting Kaitlyn's breasts burst free.

The tiny blond stepped closer and rubbed her breasts against Kaitlyn's.  The dark girl moved behind her and pressed against her back.  Kaitlyn didn't really know what she should do, but she remembered that Brad would be watching and decided to surrender to it.  She shimmied her shoulders and rubbed her own breasts against the blond. Her nipples brushed nipples and became erect.  The dark girl was running her hands over Kaitlyn's hips and pumping her thong covered pelvis into the back of Kaitlyn's brief skirt.  The blond stepped back and moved to the side, allowing the dark girl to nudge Kaitlyn closer to the window.  The girls then started working on Kaitlyn's breasts, one holding them up from behind her, the other tweaking the tips.  Kaitlyn let her head loll back and just feel the soft sensations on her skin.  So different from Brad or any other male, yet in this context, also Brad's touch on her skin.  It seemed the nipple play went on and on and Kaitlyn felt herself getting wetter and wetter from the contact. 

The dark girl was bending down and pushing Kaitlyn's skirt off her hips and dropping it to the floor.  The tiny g-string provided no cover and the sheer fabric only amplified her pussy.  The girls were running hands up and down her legs and over her hips and ass.  They turned her around and bent her over, her ass big and prominent in the window, offered to the masses while they stroked their fingers over it and played with her g-string, pulling it tightly into her crack and rubbing it up and down against the tender skin. 

She was facing the window again and both girls were licking their tongues up her legs while she held her own breasts up and played with the nipples.  The warm breath and wet skin moving over her, closer and closer to her cunt.  She shivered as they moved higher, the dark girl running her tongue over the crease at the top of her thigh.  The blond girl was digging her hand into Kaitlyn's ass, holding her tightly in place.  There were many more people in the street now, men, women, couples, singles.  Stopping to watch the show.  Watching her.  Brad stood out from the rest.  She was tuned to him and felt his approval.  She was performing for him, pleasing him.

Now the blond girl had Kaitlyn's nipple in her mouth, flicking the tip with her tongue, kneading it with her lips.  So different from a man, ticklish and seductive instead of direct and blatent.  She had never had an interest in girls and wasn't sure she had one now, but she couldn't deny that the sensation was very arousing.  The dark girl used a finger to press the waistband of Kaitlyn's g-string down and followed the trail with her tongue.  She wished Brad were up here instead of down on the street.  Wished he was here pounding into her in a sea of soft feminine parts and warm wet tongues and lips.  She realized she was pumping her hips in a parody of the movement she'd have with Brad.  The dark girl was close, so close to the wet slit, but not quite when she stopped and moved her way back up.  Kaitlyn held her hands over her head while the two girls each worked a nipple into their mouths.  Some college-aged boys on the street were applauding and Kaitlyn rocked her hips.  Brad was grinning at her, watching her.

© 2011 André Santhomas