Sunday, May 8, 2011

Window Shopping

They had a whole day to themselves in Amsterdam and Brad promised her some window shopping.  He dressed her in a short pleated skirt that barely covered her ass cheeks, a see through lacey thong and a bikini top.  Fortunately the weather was warm because there was a huge amount of her bare skin showing.  They stepped out of a cab in an old section of the city, walking over the cobblestones and checking out the shop windows.  They turned a corner and Kaitlyn quickly realized that she was no longer looking at nick nacks and curios.  Instead there were women in the windows in various stages of undress.  All provocatively attempting to lure customers in off the street.  She had heard that prostitution was legal here, but she didn't expect it to be so blatent. 

He grinned at her surprise and kept her moving down the block.  They made a turn and then he was taking her into one of the shops.   He asked for someone by name and a moment later a big burly man with tattoos appeared.  They shook hands and he eyed Kaitlyn up and down.  Kaitlyn didn't need to speak Dutch to know that a deal had been struck.  What deal she wasn't sure, but obviously she was a part of it.  Brad gave her a kiss and grabbed her ass with both hands.  The man laughed and a moment later a woman came out and took Kaitlyn by the hand.  She found herself in a window display on the second floor with two other women.  One was tiny with long blond hair that reached nearly to her knees.  The other was dark with a deep brown skin and an exotic look.  The other girls wore only g-strings and moved to take her bikini top off.

Kaitlyn backed up, unsure of what was going on.  The girls didn't speak English either, but they nodded to the passersby on the street.  Yes, they were to put on a show for these people, entice them to enter the brothel.  She got that part.  And now she was to be part of that show.  Who knows what else she was to be part of.  She was deciding what she'd go along with when she spotted Brad on the street looking up and watching her.  He gave her a nod and it cleared her head.  She was performing for Brad.  She could do that.  She took a deep breath then allowed the dark girl to unhook her top and pull it off, letting Kaitlyn's breasts burst free.

The tiny blond stepped closer and rubbed her breasts against Kaitlyn's.  The dark girl moved behind her and pressed against her back.  Kaitlyn didn't really know what she should do, but she remembered that Brad would be watching and decided to surrender to it.  She shimmied her shoulders and rubbed her own breasts against the blond. Her nipples brushed nipples and became erect.  The dark girl was running her hands over Kaitlyn's hips and pumping her thong covered pelvis into the back of Kaitlyn's brief skirt.  The blond stepped back and moved to the side, allowing the dark girl to nudge Kaitlyn closer to the window.  The girls then started working on Kaitlyn's breasts, one holding them up from behind her, the other tweaking the tips.  Kaitlyn let her head loll back and just feel the soft sensations on her skin.  So different from Brad or any other male, yet in this context, also Brad's touch on her skin.  It seemed the nipple play went on and on and Kaitlyn felt herself getting wetter and wetter from the contact. 

The dark girl was bending down and pushing Kaitlyn's skirt off her hips and dropping it to the floor.  The tiny g-string provided no cover and the sheer fabric only amplified her pussy.  The girls were running hands up and down her legs and over her hips and ass.  They turned her around and bent her over, her ass big and prominent in the window, offered to the masses while they stroked their fingers over it and played with her g-string, pulling it tightly into her crack and rubbing it up and down against the tender skin. 

She was facing the window again and both girls were licking their tongues up her legs while she held her own breasts up and played with the nipples.  The warm breath and wet skin moving over her, closer and closer to her cunt.  She shivered as they moved higher, the dark girl running her tongue over the crease at the top of her thigh.  The blond girl was digging her hand into Kaitlyn's ass, holding her tightly in place.  There were many more people in the street now, men, women, couples, singles.  Stopping to watch the show.  Watching her.  Brad stood out from the rest.  She was tuned to him and felt his approval.  She was performing for him, pleasing him.

Now the blond girl had Kaitlyn's nipple in her mouth, flicking the tip with her tongue, kneading it with her lips.  So different from a man, ticklish and seductive instead of direct and blatent.  She had never had an interest in girls and wasn't sure she had one now, but she couldn't deny that the sensation was very arousing.  The dark girl used a finger to press the waistband of Kaitlyn's g-string down and followed the trail with her tongue.  She wished Brad were up here instead of down on the street.  Wished he was here pounding into her in a sea of soft feminine parts and warm wet tongues and lips.  She realized she was pumping her hips in a parody of the movement she'd have with Brad.  The dark girl was close, so close to the wet slit, but not quite when she stopped and moved her way back up.  Kaitlyn held her hands over her head while the two girls each worked a nipple into their mouths.  Some college-aged boys on the street were applauding and Kaitlyn rocked her hips.  Brad was grinning at her, watching her.

© 2011 André Santhomas

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