Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dressed for success

He was interested to see what she chose to wear to please him.  Beautiful.  She did an excellent job.
The shorts were designed to look like cut off jeans.  Probably weren’t, but looked like it.  They were so short the pockets hung out the bottom.  Those low-rise things, fucking oxymoronic marketing name, but hot, hot.  As far as his prick was concerned, you could call them whatever you wanted.  He could see her hips above the waistband and he had no fucking clue what kept things like that from falling off, but that’s a lot of what made them so hot.
She had on a simple tank top, but it was lace and he could see right through it.  She wasn’t wearing a bra.  He could see those tits plain as day.  He couldn’t wait to get those tits pierced either.  They’d have to do that soon.
She topped it with the high heels he got her the other day.  Those Jimmy Choos or Louboutins or whatever the fuck they were.  Studs on the sides of that black lace and leather.  Edgy and delicate.  So her. 
She had her new earrings on and her hair pulled back in a simple pony tail.  His fingers actually itched to grab her by that handle.  He motioned for her to turn around and she did, without any hesitation or protest, showing off for him.  Flirting with him.  She couldn’t help herself but to flirt.  Even now that she’d submitted to him, she still flirted.
The rear was even better.  The shorts were so low on her hips and so high on her ass.  The swells of  reddened skin peeked out just with her standing there, not even bending over.   If she had a tramp stamp, it would be clearly visible.  She didn’t have one.  Yet.  He really wasn’t huge on tattoos, but he could see how one in the right place on her might be fun.  Especially if he got her one for his pleasure, just to make her submit to it.  Marking her forever.  He’d think on that.
He stood before her, looking into those beautiful eyes of hers.  Those lashes were so long.  She didn’t look like she’d used any makeup today.  Just a little lipstick stuff.  She didn’t need to.  He reached out to her ear, tightening the earring just a bit like he did the other day.  Then the other.  She didn’t squirm or question it today, didn’t try to fix it.  She learned quickly.  She loved it too much.
He grabbed that pony tail, wrapping his hand around it, twisting her head back and around and then kissing her, deeply, totally.  She didn’t stand a chance.  He rubbed his cock against her, letting her know what she would get later if she behaved herself. 
She pressed herself to him as much as she could.  Not as much as she wanted because he controlled her with his hand in her hair.  Not that he didn’t want her pressed against him, but he wanted her controlled, moving where he moved her, moving how he moved her.
She stroked his chest, moaned into his mouth, tried to play with his tongue but he didn’t let her.  He took.  It wasn’t a case of what she gave.  He was taking.  She could give or not, she was his now.  She did give though, he knew she would.  She acquiesced and bent to him.  Perfect.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


They waited a moment on the front veranda while the valet fetched the car from wherever it was hidden.  She took matters into her own hands and snuggled into him, tilting her head back to look at him, licking her lips.
“Kiss me,” she said, sliding her hands over his shirt, caressing his chest, kneading his shoulders.  He grinned at her.
“Ask me nicely.”
She grinned back, enjoying the playful banter.  She arched her back and made a point to press her breasts into him.  She rubbed the inside of her thigh against the outside of his leg.
“Pretty please?”  She pouted her lips, ready for him to give in.
“Pretty please, do what?”
“Pretty please, kiss me?”  She licked them, knowing her tongue was just peeking out.
“Hmmm… I might consider it.”  He caught the leg she was rubbing against him and lifted it higher, holding it tightly.  His strong, warm hand on her bare thigh sent tingles through her belly.  Her skin was pressed against the jeans he wore, the rough denim heating her skin. 
Her crotch wasn’t quite pressed into him, but it was pretty damned close.  Her skirt rode up dangerously high.  Far too much given she was standing on someone else’s front porch.  She let out a long, slow breath when the vibe buzzed again. 
“I can smell how wet you are, Botany.”
“Oh god.  Please…”  Her voice was husky, even in her own ears.  She’d never been so hot.  He raised an eyebrow, his eyes twinkling.
“That sounds an awful lot like you’re begging me.  Is that what I hear, Botany?”
“Yes.  Please.”  She leaned into him as much as she could while standing on one high heel.  She pressed up onto tip toe to reach his lips with her own.  “Kiss me, please.”
“Well, since you asked so nicely.”  She couldn’t breathe.  He was taking her mouth.  His tongue probed her, insisting on the path he set.  There was no give and take, it was all consuming.  The hand on her thigh was burning into her skin.  Her pussy was throbbing with need.  She couldn’t get her breasts tight enough against him.  All she wanted was to grind her crotch into his.
He released her mouth and caressed high on her thigh, nearly to her hip before letting go, holding her against his chest while they both caught their breath.  She became aware that the valet had discretely cleared his throat.  The car was ready.