Monday, May 16, 2011


Totally his.  He left her on stage a good hour, the backdrop for several other acts that performed during the evening.  Her juices were on her thighs, her skin was shining from the oil, she was naked, exposed, displayed.  For him.   He watched her up there, watched others watching her.  Yes, most of these men wanted her.  They saw what he saw when she was like this.  Some of the women saw it too.  His wanton little slut. 

Back in their hotel room, he tied her spread eagle to the bed.  She was stretched tightly, his touch on her directly now.  She stifled a yelp when he clamped each nipple, taking deep breaths until they settled into a throb.  She groaned when he pulled out the paddle.  Flat on her back, his options for places to swat her were going to sting in a serious way.  He grabbed her jaw tightly in his hand and ravaged her mouth, thrusting into her, owning her.  "Who owns you Kaity?" he asked against her mouth, not letting her catch her breath enough to answer him.  "I do," he supplied, taking her mouth again.

He slapped the paddle down over her mound, not as hard as he could have, but enough to make her yelp and jerk.  "Mine." 

"Yes, Master, yours."  He grabbed her breasts roughly, paying no mind to the clamps as he did so, making her wince and bite her lip.  "Mine." 

"Yes, Master, yours," she repeated.   He roughly shoved two fingers into her sopping cunt.  "Yours Master, yours," she said before he could even claim it.  "Yes, Mine."  He fucked her with his fingers, pushing them in and out of her faster and faster, his thumb brushing her clit each time.  His fingers bending up to rub the ridges of the g-spot.  She was sweating and breathing heavily, soaking wet and close to coming for him when he stopped, pulling his fingers free and having her clean them with her mouth. 

He smiled at her as she worked on his fingers.  Her pent up longing from the day transferred to her tongue on his hand. 

"My wanton little slut, licking your sex juice off my hand like one of those window whores would."  Yes, she was, his wanton little slut.  Ah, finally, he was entering her, filling her, feeding the longing she had all day for him.  He was just right for her, fit her perfectly in every way.   She screamed out her climax, clenching tightly on him when she came, bringing him along with her.  He rested on top of her, whispering into her ear, playing with her hair. 

"You know, Kaity, I saw the damndest thing today.  I was walking about the city.  There were lots of women in the whore houses, selling their wares in the windows, but one display happened to catch my eye.   It was three sluts in a window.  One light, one dark and one stunning red head.  But it was the red head that really caught my eye, you know why?"  She shook her head no.  "Well, see the dark one and the light one were just up there making a buck, but the red head, she was different.  She's a wanton little slut that just wants to fuck.  She had her eye on me the whole time and she just wanted to have me fuck her silly.  And you know what else about her?"  She slowly shook her head again.  "She liked those girls touching her.  She did.  She liked those little kitten touches at the direction of her Master.  Didn't she?" 

She sucked in some air feeling a bit light-headed and realizing she'd been holding her breath while he talked.  "Yes, I think she did, Master." 

"And then you know what else I saw Kaity?"  He fingered her nipples now, plucking at them while he talked softly to her.  "That same wanton little slut strutted on up to a stage, naked, in front of a hundred strangers and begged them to chain her down.  Demanded that they do it so that they could have their way with her.  Just to please him.  And you know what else?"  He slipped a hand back down to her cunt, feeling how she was wet yet again.  "That wanton little slut came up there in front of all those people and you know why she came?" 

He zeroed in on her clit and started flicking it.  "Because it pleased him.  But also because she liked it for herself.  She liked that girl fingering her in front of all those people.  She liked watching that whore suck her Master off.  She liked watching him fondle that girl while someone fondled her.  Didn't she?"

She found it hard to talk.  He was doing amazing things to her clit and she was seeing the scene again through his eyes.  She was amazingly hot and embarrassed about the whole thing at the same time.  "Yes Master, I loved pleasing you." 

He gave her clit a sharp flick with the back of his finger.  "That's a half truth Kaity.  You loved it for you too didn't you?" 

A tear slipped from her eye.  She wasn't sure if it was from the pain of the flick or the truth of his words or both.  "Yes Master, I loved it for me because I was doing it for you.  I wouldn't go looking for a girl, or looking for a stage, but I loved it for me and doing it for you." 

"There's my Kaity-girl," he said, reaching over to the bedside drawer that the maid had put the sex toys in.  He pulled out the big battery dildo they had brought from home.  He rested it on her chest, pointing it at her face while he untied her arms from the headboard.  She flexed her fingers when he released them, then rubbed her wrists.  He plopped himself on the bed next to her, just watching her a minute.  "Use the vibe and bring yourself off for me Kaity-girl.  Show me what that wanton slut really wanted to do up on that stage and in that window.  Show me Kaity."

She pushed herself up a bit and took the vibe from her chest, bringing it to her lips and stroking it with her tongue first.  Slowly, seductively she caressed it like it was his hard cock.  She flipped the power on and teased her nipples with it, pinching them with one hand and vibrating them with the other.  She moved the damp vibe over her skin and down to her bare cunt.  Her legs were still tethered wide apart, taut and spread for him, her pussy lips open and oozing with fluid.  She stroked the buzzing vibe up and down her slit, then in and out of her cunt, seeing it happening all over again, feeling herself on the stage with that girl's slick hands on her, watching that girl sucking him off.  She screamed for him when she came, thrashing against the restraints on her ankles, pressing the vibe hard on her clit while it washed over her.  She couldn't see, she couldn't hear, she couldn't think anything but pleasing him.  

He untied her, rubbing her feet, making sure her circulation was working then cuddling her into him.  "You're my girl Kaity," he whispered in her ear as she drifted off to sleep.   

© 2011 André Santhomas

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