Sunday, April 29, 2012

Here it is! The fourth book in the Realm of Janos

The Story of O meets A Game of Thrones! 

Just what you've been waiting for.  Continuing the story of Mayia the mean girl of Janos.  Last we heard, she was off to the town square for a month of punishment then a sale to the rentals.  But nothing can keep Mayia down, right?

Mayia- A Realm of Janos Novel, now at Amazon!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Free Amazon Downloads

Not only is my erotic short story set in the Realm of Janos free, but so are about 50 other books on April 13th.  Check them out at

No Kindle, no problem!  Amazon has a free ap that allows you to read them on your computer.  Just click to purchase your free book and you'll be given an option to download.

See you there!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Looking for something different? For free?

Then I've got the thing for you.  April 13th is going to be major download day.  Stop by and find a list of great books that will be FREE on Amazon on April 13th.

No Kindle?  No problem!  Amazon offers a free program that lets you read on your computer.  When you click the purchase button it will give you the option to download to your computer.

Come pick up your free copy of Inside - The Realm of Janos TV Series Fantasy and check out all the other works there.  There's something for everyone, I promise!