Saturday, June 25, 2011


Ah, how well he knew her!  He knew she would be aching, not just from the pinch of the clamps and the pull of the tethers, but aching for him.  She screamed when he grabbed her from behind, so into herself and the intensity that she didn't hear him enter the room.  He nibbled her ear and used a hank of her hair to tip her head back against his chest, his warm breath teasing the sensitive spot just behind her ear.  He fingered the clamp on her right tit, flicking it a few times while she shuddered and twitched, then soothing around it.  She breathed deeply through her mouth, unable to move until he decided what to do next.  Her knees buckled when he unceremoniously pulled the clamp from her nipple.  The dull throb and ache turned to sharp hot pain when blood surged back into the tissues.  

Before she could fully recover he was twisting and turning the clamp on her left breast.  She steeled herself for him to remove it, but was unprepared when instead he yanked the clamp from her pussy lips.  His fingers found their way along her slit, rubbing over the spot he had just assaulted, dipping every so briefly into her cunt.  His wet fingers were at her mouth and she opened to him.  She tasted herself and applied all her energy to sucking every drop of her juices from his talented fingers.  Her tongue caressed him, stroking and hoping to tease him into changing his fingers for his cock.  He abruptly freed her left nipple, causing her to start, but luckily she kept her teeth from scratching or biting him.  His left hand was kneading the sore breast, squeezing and releasing her throbbing nipple, rubbing and twisting it, stretching then relaxing it.  She was light headed from the sensations.  Her own juices were wet on her thighs, his fingers still in her mouth.  She fed from him, his hand working her breast, his hard denim covered cock against her naked ass, her bare back and cuffed hands held tightly against his bare chest and stomach.

He removed his hand from her lips and slipped it under her legs, lifting her in his arms.  She caressed her face against his chest.  She settled into the feel of him, the strength of him holding her.  He put her on her knees and bent her over the rounded top of the antique trunk that occupied a place in the living room.  He released her hands just long enough to reattach them over her head to a hook at the rear of the chest.  Her legs were free but he placed them firmly a couple feet apart.  Even without instruction the message was clear that she was not to close them.  Her sore breasts pressed into the smooth old wood, warming it with the heat of her skin.  He massaged her ass cheeks, gripping and releasing, soothing and arousing.  A finger toyed along the cleft of her rear, circling her ass hole.  She held her breath wondering if he'd take her ass this time.   He moved his hand lower, taking possession of her cunt with his thumb.  He massaged her inner core while the other hand rubbed her flank.  She gasped and moaned.  He moved his hand, a finger within millimeters of her clit but not quite touching.  He pulled out and wiped his soaking finger on her rear.  She was embarrassingly wet and the evidence was a damp swath drying across her ass. 

She slept locked in his embrace with her hands attached to a thick length of chain secured to the headboard.  His leg thrown casually over her hip and a hand cupped her breast.  His cock nestled against her rear.  Several hours later she woke to find him stroking her intimately before taking her again.  He left her hands chained while he claimed her.  This time was firm and commanding but not punishing as the earlier time had been.  Her fingers clenched into thin air, unable to run them through his hair or to stroke his chest or massage his back.  Any way he took her she fed off his pleasure, so content to know that she satisfied him yet again. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Early Days for Brad and Kaitlyn

He lit up with his killer smile, once again taking her mouth with his.  This time she felt a change.  He possessed it in an intimate way that he had not quite used on her before.  He was making his mark on her, owning her, letting her know what was possible.  He laid her back on the blanket, never letting go of her mouth, bringing a hand into the low cut top of her dress.  He cupped a breast, first stroking it gently then roughly grabbing it.  She moaned, consumed by his magic mouth, desperate for him, his hand grabbing her breast exactly right, even though he dug into the sensitive flesh. 

He found her nipple, rolling it firmly between his fingers, harsher than anyone had done it before, making her flinch and yet making her oh so hot at the same time.  He slid his mouth off her lips and worked his way down her throat, stroking his tongue on her skin, sucking gently and tasting the sweat and sea spray. 

"Mmmm," he murmured, nuzzling between her breasts.   "Unhook the halter Kaity."  She took a breath, knowing she was taking a big step that could not be taken back.  He was asking her to offer her breasts to him.  No, again, not asking her, telling her.  And not just her breasts, all of her.  The only real question was did she want it.  Yes, she did want it.  And she was going to take the chance and get it.  The only other choice was her lonely apartment, her vibrator and her books and that was just not going to be acceptable anymore.

She leveraged herself up a bit, slipping her hands behind her neck and undoing the hook at the back that released the halter.  The straps fell, the weight of her breasts pulling the cups down and baring them to him.  She went to move her hands, but he stopped her, telling her to leave them clasped behind her neck.  She laced the fingers together, arching as much as she could in the hopes that he'd enjoy the view.  She was rewarded with his mouth moving down over her right breast, inching closer and closer to her nipple.  He took it between his teeth and tugged at it while she twitched and groaned and bit her own lip in simultaneous pain and passion.  

Oh yes, this was a thousand times better than any online list of instructions she'd had.  And no one she'd ever had real sex with had done such a thing with her before.  They were always so careful and solicitous.  Never passionate and ravenous like Brad.  This was intense and magical. 

Her eyes drifted shut but snapped open at his command, combined with a nip on the very end of her tit that made her yelp.  "Stay with me Kaity, no escaping elsewhere, understand?" 

"Yes, I understand," she responded, now totally in the moment. 

"Good girl."  He moved to the other breast, repeating his movements there, chewing at her breast and making her moan.  He plucked at the tit, pulling it out from her skin, using it to heft the weight of her breast, even wagging it back and forth making her cry out.  It hurt, yes, but in a way she couldn't explain it was a good hurt.  She had never been so wet.  She squirmed and tried to stroke her leg along his hoping to entice him to move things along.  He pulled back and laughed. 

"You wanton little slut!"  She was started, no one had ever called her something like that before, even in fun.  Honestly, no one had ever made her feel so wanton before so if truth be told, she guessed it fit.  He stroked his hand along the outside of her thigh up to cup her hip, shoving the dress out of the way as he went.  That left her skirt bunched up at her waist, her damp panties peeking out.  He continued to chew and suck on her breasts, creating a hickey on the right one that would probably show at least a bit when she was dressed again.    

"Stand up and undress for me, Kaity, right here on the beach where anyone might come by and see."  She knew this was a test and steeled herself to pass it.   She got unsteadily to her bare feet, the top of the dress flapping open at her waist already.  A quick flick of the side zip and the waist came free.  She let the fabric drop to the ground and stepped out of it.  Standing in front of him with nothing on but her boring cotton briefs.  She hoped she passed muster in her naked state.  She wasn't a thin girl, but if the gleam in his eye was anything to judge by, he didn't mind.  He nodded for her to continue with the panties so she slipped her fingers into the elastic and pushed them down over her hips, letting them fall to the ground as well.  She didn't know what to do with her hands, a large part of her desperately wanting to cover herself but the rest of her knowing that was not the right move. 

She remembered his earlier instruction and laced them behind her neck again, totally open in front of him.  He licked his lips, leaning back and looking up at her standing before him.  Her super fair skin glowed in the moonlight, darkened only by the shadow of pubic hair at her triangle and the hickey he had applied on her breast.

He watched the emotions play over her face, giving her some time to absorb.  He enjoyed that she had curves and some meat on her.  He hated those stick insect high maintenance girls that only wanted him for his money and position.  He loved that she had been wearing simple plain white cotton briefs under that sexy dress. 

"Who does this dress belong to Kaity?"  

"How do you know it isn't mine?"  

"It doesn't match the panties," he said.  "And you don't answer my questions with questions, understand?"  She flinched at the displeasure in his tone.  He wasn't playing, and she didn't want to bring his criticism down on her. 

"I'm sorry." 

"Yes, you're just learning, but don't make me tell you things more than once.  So, whose dress is it?" 

"Alisa, a friend of my roommate."  

"As I thought.  You'll have to have the valet service dry clean it before you return it to her.  Bill it to my room."  She was utterly embarrassed that he knew she'd borrowed it for the occasion and even more so that he could tell by her granny panties.   She didn't think guys really noticed things like that, especially when they had a naked girl in front of them, but either she was wrong or Brad was an exception to that rule.  She shifted her weight from foot to foot, trying not to fidget but really uncomfortable just standing there naked in front of him, out in the open where anyone else taking a moonlight stroll could come upon her. 

Not to mention, she really wasn't in the habit of being totally naked in front of a guy less than 24 hours after first meeting them.  She kept her hands laced together behind her neck, both hoping he would do something soon and dreading he would do something soon.  She nearly jumped out of her skin when he called her over.  He slipped onto his knees and wrapped his hands around her bare ass, grabbing and hand full of each cheek.  He rested his cheek against her soft stomach, then trailed his tongue across her skin, circling her navel and tracing the space between her navel and the top of her furry mound. 

She whimpered, tantalized by his touch on her, praying he would move lower, pushing her hips towards him.  He held her in place, his big solid hands tightly clenching her rear so that she was sure there would be handprints tomorrow.  He let go of one cheek and traced a finger through her slit, making her shiver.  He dipped it into her cunt and she lolled her head back anxious for him to do more.  He swirled his finger around, then stabbed a second one in to join the first, pumping back and forth in her slick, hot canal.  Her thighs were quivering and her bare nipples were hard and standing at attention.   

She rocked against his fingers, never having felt so wanton.  Maybe she really was the slut he called her earlier.  He pulled his hand free, glistening in the moonlight with the evidence of her arousal.  He stood up in front of her and brought his fingers to her lips. 

"Taste it Kaity.  Suck them clean.  Taste how much you want this and how much you want me."  She bit her lip then parted them for him, drawing his fingertips into her mouth, stroking them with her tongue.  She tasted the tang of her juices and the salt of his skin, mingled together.  She flexed her fingers, still held behind her neck, wanting to touch him but knowing she wasn't supposed to unless he allowed it, wanting it more so than if he had.  When she was done, he kissed her again, holding her chin with his damp hand. 

"Good girl," he told her.  "Get dressed." 

"What?" she sputtered.  A sharp smack landed on her bare bottom making her jump. 

"Don't answer me with questions, Kaity.  Get dressed.  And no panties.  I don't want you wearing panties again until I find you some that I approve of."  He stuffed her plain briefs into his pocket to ensure they would not return to her body. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just where she belongs

"The blue rubber bands on each nipple please and the yellow on the bases." 

"Right away Master Brad."  She pulled something from a drawer at the wardrobe and then deftly circled the base of each of Kaitlyn's breasts with a large wide rubber band.  She made two turns around each one and let it snap when she released it.  Kaitlyn jumped and bit back a yelp each time.  She immediately felt the pressure building in her tits and could see her nipples becoming erect.  Two smaller blue bands were similarly slipped over each nipple and flipped around for two turns as well.  Like the larger bands she let each of them snap directly on the nipples when she released them, prying a squeal from Kaitlyn both times despite her best efforts.  The bands were tight on her skin, as bad as any clamps he'd used so far but in a different way.  

"You're beautiful like this my Kaity," he said, standing over her and looking down at her through her spread legs.  "As a matter of fact, you've been beautiful all day.  But like this, you're mine.  Open and spread for me, bound and stripped with my marks on your ass and thighs."  He trailed his fingers over her skin as he talked, adding in sharp pinches as he went that made her twitch and groan.  "Your tits are at total attention, ready for me to chew on or whip.  You're looking at me and nothing else, totally mine.  Aren't you my wanton little slut?"  He punctuated his question with a sharp pinch close to her cunt.

"Yes!" she yelled out, combining her yelp and his answer.  "Yes, I'm your wanton little slut.  I'm totally yours." 

"Just imagine that fucking machine with you like this.  I could set it here and drill it into your cunt for hours.  Or your ass.  Or I could get two and do both.  Or, I'm sure there's an attachment that would do both holes at once.  I could leave you on it for days at a time," he mused.  She shivered at the thought. 

"Are your nipples sore Kaity?  I've ordered some fun toys for them.  I don't think I'm going to have your nipples pierced anytime soon.  We'll see.  It would be a lot of fun to have rings there.  Think of all the things I could tie them to."  He flicked his fingers sharply at each nipple hitting them with the back of his nail until she whimpered.  "I didn't hear your answer Kaity." 

"Yes, yes, they're sore, throbbing pain." She could hardly talk as he continued to flick at them. 

"Riding crop or finger flicks, Kaity?" 

She tried to choose the smart answer.  "I think you'd prefer the riding crop."  

"True.  See how well you know me?  Mrs. Haben, would you mind?"  She was startled, having forgotten that Mrs. Haben was still there.  He definitely had her undivided attention.  Mrs. Haben handed him a crop.  He swished it through the air a few times, then slapped it against his hand with a pop that made her jump. 

"Your boobs are still stripped from last night, so I'll have to use this where there aren't any welts showing.  I'd say right on the nipples, wouldn't you Mrs. Haben?"  Mrs. Haben stepped close again, peering closely at Kaitlyn's nipples then pulled back.  "Yes, it seems so Master Brad."  Before Kaitlyn had time to do more than suck in her breath in preparation, the tip of the crop came slapping down on her left nipple.  She screamed.  She knew she shouldn't but it shot out of her like it had a mind of its own.  Before she could focus again, Mrs. Haben was at her side, sticking one of those ball gags in.  This time Kaitlyn welcomed it.  It would keep her from annoying him.  She'd done her best not to scream and that was all she could do.  She'd use this help to do what he wanted.  When it was buckled tightly the crop hit the right tit, if it was possible even harder than it had the first one.  The gag absorbed her scream this time and it felt good to let it out.

More slaps rained down on each nipple, alternating between them.  Her head was thrashing from side to side.  She reached deep within and reminded herself to submit.  To just feel it and not fight it.  That calmed her and she settled a bit.  

Then suddenly she was keening again, screaming into the gag.  He was hitting her cunt with the crop.  She pulled reflexively to close her legs but her feet were secured wide apart.  She tried to pull her hands up to cover herself but they were secured to the floor.  There was nothing she could do and slap after slap was striking her pussy lips.  He stopped.  She hoped that meant he was done.  She whimpered and felt the tears drip down her face.  He was watching her intently, smiling at her. 

"Do you want me to fuck you, Kaity?"  She bobbed her head up and down as much as she could.  "Good girl.  Because I'm going to do it now either way, so it will be nice if you want it too." He grinned.  She nodded as much as she could, hoping he knew she was begging for him.  He pushed the chain aside and slipped into her cunt, holding himself tightly against her throbbing cunt for a moment.  She took the chance to adjust to the feel of him filling her.  She was just where she belonged.  She was his to use and he was making use of her as was his way. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wanton Little Slut

She was ready to beg him to take her right then and there, but he was insistant that she get something to eat first.  Mrs. Haben had a meal ready for them and she sat especially upright in the chair, held in place by the corset, feeling the balls inside her cunt.  Her jacket and skirt had been removed, her bare breasts stood obscenely from the top of the corset.  The chastity belt only drew the eye to her crotch.  Mrs. Haben served the meal as though a half naked dinner companion was nothing special.  Brad had shucked off his suit coat and loosened his tie, unbuttoning his top buttons.  He looked incredibly sexy like that and she couldn't keep from watching him while she ate.  "Why Kaity," he said after a bit.  "You wanton little slut.  You're looking at me like you'd eat me for dessert if you could."  

"Yes, Master, I am your wanton little slut and yes, I would ravage you if you'd let me."  She realized that Mrs. Haben had heard her call him Master.  She supposed she'd better get used to Mrs. Haben seeing and hearing pretty much everything.

"Very tempting, but tonight I'm going to ravage my girl.  I guess we should get on with it then.  Mrs. Haben, please take Kaity upstairs and remove her ben wa balls for me.  I'll have legs spread, hands together to the headboard please.  I'll be up shortly, I just have to make one overseas call first and put a project to bed."

Once upstairs Kaitlyn stood still while Mrs. Haben unlocked the chastity belt and helped her to step out of it.  It felt so good to get it off.  It had been digging into her skin all day and left red marks on her skin.  Now it was time to remove the balls.  She closed her eyes, not wanting to know how that was going to be accomplished.  Mrs. Haben was almost clinical when she asked Kaitlyn to spread her legs and reached a finger inside her to scoop them out one at a time.  Kaitlyn willed herself to relax so that the balls would release, but it was extremely difficult to do so given the circumstances.  It was a relief to have them out and a relief to have the process of removing them over, but she felt extremely empty suddenly.  She hoped Brad would be up soon and fill her back up. 

She lay on the bed and waited while Mrs. Haben washed up.  When she returned, each of Kaitlyn's legs was cuffed and chained wide apart to the corners of the bed.  Her hands were cuffed and hooked to each other, then to a single chain centered in the middle of the headboard.  The corset was still tight on her skin and Kaitlyn was sure that the marks left by the chastity belt would be nothing compared to what she'd look like once the corset finally came off.  She lay there waiting, reviewing her day, remembering with a smile telling her boss off.

He found her like that, a slight smile on her face while she waited bound in his bed.  The corset was beautiful on her, her breasts were perky and waiting for him, her cunt was bare and spread for him.  She was his, totally his Kaity.  There was nothing better.  He slapped the multi-tailed flogger into his hand and she snapped her head torwards the door at the sound.  He could see the flogger scared her, but he could also see she wanted him and no one else.