Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just where she belongs

"The blue rubber bands on each nipple please and the yellow on the bases." 

"Right away Master Brad."  She pulled something from a drawer at the wardrobe and then deftly circled the base of each of Kaitlyn's breasts with a large wide rubber band.  She made two turns around each one and let it snap when she released it.  Kaitlyn jumped and bit back a yelp each time.  She immediately felt the pressure building in her tits and could see her nipples becoming erect.  Two smaller blue bands were similarly slipped over each nipple and flipped around for two turns as well.  Like the larger bands she let each of them snap directly on the nipples when she released them, prying a squeal from Kaitlyn both times despite her best efforts.  The bands were tight on her skin, as bad as any clamps he'd used so far but in a different way.  

"You're beautiful like this my Kaity," he said, standing over her and looking down at her through her spread legs.  "As a matter of fact, you've been beautiful all day.  But like this, you're mine.  Open and spread for me, bound and stripped with my marks on your ass and thighs."  He trailed his fingers over her skin as he talked, adding in sharp pinches as he went that made her twitch and groan.  "Your tits are at total attention, ready for me to chew on or whip.  You're looking at me and nothing else, totally mine.  Aren't you my wanton little slut?"  He punctuated his question with a sharp pinch close to her cunt.

"Yes!" she yelled out, combining her yelp and his answer.  "Yes, I'm your wanton little slut.  I'm totally yours." 

"Just imagine that fucking machine with you like this.  I could set it here and drill it into your cunt for hours.  Or your ass.  Or I could get two and do both.  Or, I'm sure there's an attachment that would do both holes at once.  I could leave you on it for days at a time," he mused.  She shivered at the thought. 

"Are your nipples sore Kaity?  I've ordered some fun toys for them.  I don't think I'm going to have your nipples pierced anytime soon.  We'll see.  It would be a lot of fun to have rings there.  Think of all the things I could tie them to."  He flicked his fingers sharply at each nipple hitting them with the back of his nail until she whimpered.  "I didn't hear your answer Kaity." 

"Yes, yes, they're sore, throbbing pain." She could hardly talk as he continued to flick at them. 

"Riding crop or finger flicks, Kaity?" 

She tried to choose the smart answer.  "I think you'd prefer the riding crop."  

"True.  See how well you know me?  Mrs. Haben, would you mind?"  She was startled, having forgotten that Mrs. Haben was still there.  He definitely had her undivided attention.  Mrs. Haben handed him a crop.  He swished it through the air a few times, then slapped it against his hand with a pop that made her jump. 

"Your boobs are still stripped from last night, so I'll have to use this where there aren't any welts showing.  I'd say right on the nipples, wouldn't you Mrs. Haben?"  Mrs. Haben stepped close again, peering closely at Kaitlyn's nipples then pulled back.  "Yes, it seems so Master Brad."  Before Kaitlyn had time to do more than suck in her breath in preparation, the tip of the crop came slapping down on her left nipple.  She screamed.  She knew she shouldn't but it shot out of her like it had a mind of its own.  Before she could focus again, Mrs. Haben was at her side, sticking one of those ball gags in.  This time Kaitlyn welcomed it.  It would keep her from annoying him.  She'd done her best not to scream and that was all she could do.  She'd use this help to do what he wanted.  When it was buckled tightly the crop hit the right tit, if it was possible even harder than it had the first one.  The gag absorbed her scream this time and it felt good to let it out.

More slaps rained down on each nipple, alternating between them.  Her head was thrashing from side to side.  She reached deep within and reminded herself to submit.  To just feel it and not fight it.  That calmed her and she settled a bit.  

Then suddenly she was keening again, screaming into the gag.  He was hitting her cunt with the crop.  She pulled reflexively to close her legs but her feet were secured wide apart.  She tried to pull her hands up to cover herself but they were secured to the floor.  There was nothing she could do and slap after slap was striking her pussy lips.  He stopped.  She hoped that meant he was done.  She whimpered and felt the tears drip down her face.  He was watching her intently, smiling at her. 

"Do you want me to fuck you, Kaity?"  She bobbed her head up and down as much as she could.  "Good girl.  Because I'm going to do it now either way, so it will be nice if you want it too." He grinned.  She nodded as much as she could, hoping he knew she was begging for him.  He pushed the chain aside and slipped into her cunt, holding himself tightly against her throbbing cunt for a moment.  She took the chance to adjust to the feel of him filling her.  She was just where she belonged.  She was his to use and he was making use of her as was his way. 

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