Thursday, July 7, 2011


They waited a moment on the front veranda while the valet fetched the car from wherever it was hidden.  She took matters into her own hands and snuggled into him, tilting her head back to look at him, licking her lips.
“Kiss me,” she said, sliding her hands over his shirt, caressing his chest, kneading his shoulders.  He grinned at her.
“Ask me nicely.”
She grinned back, enjoying the playful banter.  She arched her back and made a point to press her breasts into him.  She rubbed the inside of her thigh against the outside of his leg.
“Pretty please?”  She pouted her lips, ready for him to give in.
“Pretty please, do what?”
“Pretty please, kiss me?”  She licked them, knowing her tongue was just peeking out.
“Hmmm… I might consider it.”  He caught the leg she was rubbing against him and lifted it higher, holding it tightly.  His strong, warm hand on her bare thigh sent tingles through her belly.  Her skin was pressed against the jeans he wore, the rough denim heating her skin. 
Her crotch wasn’t quite pressed into him, but it was pretty damned close.  Her skirt rode up dangerously high.  Far too much given she was standing on someone else’s front porch.  She let out a long, slow breath when the vibe buzzed again. 
“I can smell how wet you are, Botany.”
“Oh god.  Please…”  Her voice was husky, even in her own ears.  She’d never been so hot.  He raised an eyebrow, his eyes twinkling.
“That sounds an awful lot like you’re begging me.  Is that what I hear, Botany?”
“Yes.  Please.”  She leaned into him as much as she could while standing on one high heel.  She pressed up onto tip toe to reach his lips with her own.  “Kiss me, please.”
“Well, since you asked so nicely.”  She couldn’t breathe.  He was taking her mouth.  His tongue probed her, insisting on the path he set.  There was no give and take, it was all consuming.  The hand on her thigh was burning into her skin.  Her pussy was throbbing with need.  She couldn’t get her breasts tight enough against him.  All she wanted was to grind her crotch into his.
He released her mouth and caressed high on her thigh, nearly to her hip before letting go, holding her against his chest while they both caught their breath.  She became aware that the valet had discretely cleared his throat.  The car was ready.

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