Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sensual Submission: Driven

"What kind of cuffs do you like, Cerena?" 

"Well,  they all have their uses.  Except the fuzzy stuff of course.  Velcro isn't strong enough.  Plus all that fur gets caught in it and then it won't hold at all.  That's just for vanilla couples that want to pretend.  But, I think for you...  these."  She pulled some black leather cuffs from the peg wall.  "They have suede on the inside.  Your choice of colors.  Purple, blue, white, red, black.  Or they have tan leather with black suede."

She stepped forward and blatantly rubbed herself against him, pressing her breasts and her hips into him and sliding her hands along his chest.  He tipped his head down and kissed her, nibbling at her lower lip and sucking her tongue into his mouth.  God, she was incredible.  Anymore of this and he'd be tempted to fuck her right here in the shop.  Of course if he did that, he could probably get a cut of the tickets the owner would sell to watch.  And the DVD rights.

He patted her ass and ended the kiss.  "We're going to attract a crowd."  She smirked like maybe that wasn't such a big deal.  He wiggled the pink cuffs at her again and she laughed and backed up.
"Ok, ok.  What color do you want?"

"I think the blue then." 

"Excellent choice."  She took some from the wall and then added a larger matching pair.  "These go on the ankles.  You want some for the thighs?"  Thighs.  Yes, so many ways he could configure her.  He nodded and she added them to the basket. 

"Ok, once you've got me properly secured to something, you're going to want to do naughty, naughty things to me, aren't you?"  Yes, very naughty things.  Like fuck her up the ass, pinch her boobs, make her suck him off.  Yes, naughty, naughty things.  She was leading him to the next section, babbling about something but he couldn't focus on what she was talking about.  He was picturing her wearing the new cuffs and secured to his bed in a hundred different ways.

She tossed a bag of chain and another of eye bolts and dog snaps into the basket then stopped in front of a wall of torture items.  At least that's what they looked like to him.  

"Whips and canes.  Mmmm..."  She pulled one down.  "A deer skin flogger.  A nice medium weight.  Good for you to start with.  Picture the marks this will leave on my ass and my thighs and my tits and my cunt." 

She ran her fingers through the tails and rubbed them against her cheek.  Jesus.  Could he really use that on her?  She wanted him to, that much was clear.  His cock sure wanted him to.  He nodded and she added it to the purchases.

"My tits need attention."

"Do they now?  Come here then."  She grinned at him and moved in front of him.  He took her at her word and slipped his hands up under her shirt to cup her breasts.  She closed her eyes and breathed deeply while he stroked his thumbs over the tips.  They perked immediately, hard and ready for his attention.  Reluctantly, he took his hands away and smoothed her tank back down.  There was no missing them under that top.  Anyone would see how aroused she was.  "Better?"

"Well, actually, I was referring to the nipple clamp display, but yes, much better.  My cunt is juicing too.  Do you want to check it out?"  He laughed and slapped her bottom. 

"I think that will wait until we get home."

"Suit yourself!"  She looked over the selection and put a few different items into the basket. 

"Anything special you want?  Dildo, vibrator, butt plug?  Needle bra?"

"Needle b-"  He was sputtering.  Good god.  "Tell you what.  Here's my card.  Surprise me.  You've got ten minutes.  I'll be out front.  Don't be late.  I can always pick up those pink cuffs if I need them." 

She leaned up and kissed him, those perky nipples rubbing on his chest.  A hand reached down and accidentally on purpose brushed over his cock.  He sucked in air and pulled away. 

"Make it five minutes." 

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