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Two books by André SanThomas!
Not your typical BDSM love story!  Enter the Realm of Janos, where women are owned as property by their men.  Beginning with a public ceremony, Ielle will employ her years of training to serve Kyr- until an assassin's plot gets between them.  Can their love overcome the threat?  Will Ielle learn to run the household of a Hausa?
In Ovia, a girl is called to the ceremony far too early, her training incomplete.  Shy, unsure, struggling to overcome the legacy of her black-hearted predecessor.  Will Ovia be strong enough to win the heart of her master? 
Both stories are wrapped around steamy sex and set in a world where men are men and their women are well used.  Check out this excerpt from Ielle:
He brushed his fingers lightly over her face, both hands touching her skin for the first time, warm, strong, knowing. She held still, watching him intently, determined not to flinch or succumb. He trailed the tips across her forehead, her eyes closing as he stroked over the lids, then fluttering open again when they moved to her cheeks. He used only one finger to draw ever so lightly across her lower lip. The barest touch on her, tingling, tickling. She wanted to bite her lip, scratch it with her teeth, soothe the itch he was creating. She wanted to press her mouth into his touch, but she would not.
She held still, her breath gently blowing while he continued, watching her intently, cataloging her responses. She could tell he saw her battle, but she would not confirm it for him. She held still, like a statue under the hands of a sculptor, a living work of art.
He stroked her upper lip, the same tickle and itch that she was unable to scratch. She stared him down. He moved his finger from her mouth, touching her ears, a firm pinch on each lobe, but still she refused to flinch. He grinned, no longer making any pretense of hiding his mirth. He stroked his hands down her throat, trailing over her collar bones, her skin breaking out in goose bumps at the touch. She sucked in air and found herself inhaling his scent. Something spicy and warm, masculine and primal.
He hefted both breasts, cupping them from underneath, weighing them, eyes locked on hers. They filled his hands nicely, she was neither too small nor too large. He nodded at the Oblate and the scribe made a note on a tablet.
He took her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers. He pressed and released several times until they started to pebble. She took slow, calming breaths, remembering her training, willing herself not to flush under his scrutiny. She couldn't prevent the gasp when he pinched hard, then twisted. She couldn't hide how they tightened under his touch. He could not know how her core clenched. A feeling she had never had before. Another nod to the scribe, another note.
And this one from Ovia:
He licked his tongue over her lips and she parted them for him.  She was drowning in his eyes, they were dark and deep.  Before she knew it, he was possessing her mouth, she couldn't breathe, she couldn't think.  She didn't need to, all she needed was him. 
She felt the hard solid stone of the altar under her rear, but his hands still held her, his lips still claimed her.  His tongue was exploring her mouth, then it was thrusting into her.  She felt a jolt, deep in her core.   They had talked of such things in the lessons, but she never knew it would feel like this.  She didn't even know when or how it happened, but she arched her back, pressing herself into him, wanting more even though she didn't really know what more would be like.  He was kneading her rear, digging his fingers into her, slanting his mouth on hers, chewing on her lower lip until she whimpered.
He laid her back.  He was still holding her mouth with his, his body resting against hers, letting her feel the weight of him.  She felt someone behind her, propping her up.  He released her mouth, both of them gulping in air, both of them unwilling to look away.  He took her hands from his shoulders and gently settled them behind her.  His friend took them in his hands, keeping her from touching.  She relaxed against the chest of his friend, unable to work out what she should do except submit and accept. 
Bylar smiled softly at her and she felt it reach deep into her core with another jolt.  He bent his head and sucked a nipple into his mouth.  She moaned at the feeling, incredible sensations rocketing through her.  By the gods, she had no idea.  He switched back and forth, moving from one side to the other, sucking hard, swirling his tongue on the tip, then rubbing his teeth over them and even biting gently.  She clenched her hands tightly, feeling her fingernails dig into her palms, not knowing what to do with herself. 
She yelped when he caught a tip between his teeth and tugged at it but somehow it only made her want him more.  She longed to pull him to her, but her arms were tightly gripped behind her.  She watched him, pleading with her eyes, not knowing what she pleaded for.  He would teach her, she would learn, she would watch for all the things that pleased him. 
He ran his tongue across her skin, moving ever closer to the sore skin of her mound.  She jumped when he soothed the warm, wetness over her, tracing circles on the sensitive part.  The pain was there, but so was her heat, rising within her.  She tried to shift her hips, to push herself into his tongue but she could hardly move. 
He sucked hard against her, flicking along the cleft, taking her hardening nub into his mouth and tormenting it with his tongue.  She moaned and squirmed, wanting more, unable to make sense of a thousand new feelings.  He glanced up at her, but still his mouth worked on her.  She thrashed her head from side to side, wanting to hold him, wanting to be pleasing for him. 
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