Friday, October 14, 2011

Do it

“Sign this, Botany.”  Garrett passed her a clipboard with a form and questionnaire on it.  “Fill it out carefully.”  What the fuck.  She was getting something pierced.  And it wasn’t ears.  She looked at him, trying to decide what to do.  Go along?  Question?  Refuse?  Leave? 
He gave her that killer smile again.  “Don’t ask what you’re getting.  Do it because I want you to.  Do it because it pleases you to please me without hesitation or question.”  He leaned in close to her ear where she could feel his breath on her skin again.  “Do it because it will be yet another step down the road of the greatest sex you’ve ever had.  Do it because you know I’m right.”
Fucking hell.  Part of her, a big part really, wanted to fuck him right there in the shop when he talked like that.  How bad could it be?  Lots of people got things pierced right?  If it was really bad, she could stop, right?  A belly button ring could be really cute.  If she hated it she could take it out and it’d close up again, right?  More permanent than dying your hair or getting it cut but it didn’t have to be as permanent as a tattoo. 
She checked the form on the clipboard, nope, not tattoos, just piercing permission.  Lots of questions about her overall health, all of which was fine.  She glanced around, the place looked clean too.  Besides, Garrett always used a condom, it wasn’t likely that he’d take to a piercing place where she’d get dirty needles.
She sighed and signed.  Handing him back the clipboard.  He kissed her hard then.  Oh god, what a great kisser he was.  She felt completely possessed when he kissed her like that, ravaged, consumed.  She could nearly come just from his kiss.  And those hands, roaming over her back, tracing the stripes from last night.  How could she say no to anything he wanted?  She couldn’t walk away.

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