Saturday, June 25, 2011


Ah, how well he knew her!  He knew she would be aching, not just from the pinch of the clamps and the pull of the tethers, but aching for him.  She screamed when he grabbed her from behind, so into herself and the intensity that she didn't hear him enter the room.  He nibbled her ear and used a hank of her hair to tip her head back against his chest, his warm breath teasing the sensitive spot just behind her ear.  He fingered the clamp on her right tit, flicking it a few times while she shuddered and twitched, then soothing around it.  She breathed deeply through her mouth, unable to move until he decided what to do next.  Her knees buckled when he unceremoniously pulled the clamp from her nipple.  The dull throb and ache turned to sharp hot pain when blood surged back into the tissues.  

Before she could fully recover he was twisting and turning the clamp on her left breast.  She steeled herself for him to remove it, but was unprepared when instead he yanked the clamp from her pussy lips.  His fingers found their way along her slit, rubbing over the spot he had just assaulted, dipping every so briefly into her cunt.  His wet fingers were at her mouth and she opened to him.  She tasted herself and applied all her energy to sucking every drop of her juices from his talented fingers.  Her tongue caressed him, stroking and hoping to tease him into changing his fingers for his cock.  He abruptly freed her left nipple, causing her to start, but luckily she kept her teeth from scratching or biting him.  His left hand was kneading the sore breast, squeezing and releasing her throbbing nipple, rubbing and twisting it, stretching then relaxing it.  She was light headed from the sensations.  Her own juices were wet on her thighs, his fingers still in her mouth.  She fed from him, his hand working her breast, his hard denim covered cock against her naked ass, her bare back and cuffed hands held tightly against his bare chest and stomach.

He removed his hand from her lips and slipped it under her legs, lifting her in his arms.  She caressed her face against his chest.  She settled into the feel of him, the strength of him holding her.  He put her on her knees and bent her over the rounded top of the antique trunk that occupied a place in the living room.  He released her hands just long enough to reattach them over her head to a hook at the rear of the chest.  Her legs were free but he placed them firmly a couple feet apart.  Even without instruction the message was clear that she was not to close them.  Her sore breasts pressed into the smooth old wood, warming it with the heat of her skin.  He massaged her ass cheeks, gripping and releasing, soothing and arousing.  A finger toyed along the cleft of her rear, circling her ass hole.  She held her breath wondering if he'd take her ass this time.   He moved his hand lower, taking possession of her cunt with his thumb.  He massaged her inner core while the other hand rubbed her flank.  She gasped and moaned.  He moved his hand, a finger within millimeters of her clit but not quite touching.  He pulled out and wiped his soaking finger on her rear.  She was embarrassingly wet and the evidence was a damp swath drying across her ass. 

She slept locked in his embrace with her hands attached to a thick length of chain secured to the headboard.  His leg thrown casually over her hip and a hand cupped her breast.  His cock nestled against her rear.  Several hours later she woke to find him stroking her intimately before taking her again.  He left her hands chained while he claimed her.  This time was firm and commanding but not punishing as the earlier time had been.  Her fingers clenched into thin air, unable to run them through his hair or to stroke his chest or massage his back.  Any way he took her she fed off his pleasure, so content to know that she satisfied him yet again. 

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