Thursday, January 5, 2012


"I love you in this dress Kaity," he said against her mouth.  "Of course I'm going to love you out of it too, but I love you in it.  I love the way your breasts fill the top.  Love the corset style.  Very nice.  When we get back I'll have to look into getting you more corsets to wear for me." 

She pressed herself into him, processing his words.  It was thrilling to hear that he loved the outfit she had picked.  Even more thrilling to hear that he was making plans for when they returned to the real world.  She wasn't as sure about actually wearing corsets, but hey, if he liked it, it would be fine, she was sure the pay off would absolutely be worth it. 

He slid his hands under her skirt, feeling the bare skin of her thighs and rubbing his hands on her naked hips.  He pulled her close against him, her soft center pressing into his hard one.  She moaned into him when he rested his palm on her furry mound.  He fingered the curls, playing with them in his hand. 

"Tomorrow, you'll go to the spa and have a waxing.  I'll leave them the instructions on how I want it done," he said as matter of factly as if he was giving his dinner order.  Oh my god!  Did he just really say that?  Yes, it seemed he did and that he was quite serious about it too. 

She shook it off when he scooped her right breast out of the top of the dress, roughly palming it then flicking the nipple with his tongue until she moaned.  He drew the tip into his mouth, clamping down on it with his lips and moving his head back from her until it was pulled taut.  She tried to move into him to release the pressure but he didn't allow it, holding her in place while he pulled on it.  Finally it slipped from his mouth, snapping back with a small jolt.  He moved to the other breast, freeing it from the top as well, then chewing on it with his teeth, careful not to draw blood, but pinching and nipping sharply until she was squirming and yelping and moaning all at once. 

There must be a straight line from her nipples to her cunt.  She couldn't believe how hot he was making her, even though it wasn't exactly comfortable.  She brought her hands up and cupped them under her breasts, offering them to him to do with as he wished.  "Good girl," he mumbled, working the skin with his mouth.  He pushed her back on the bed, laying himself over her as he continued his task.  He sucked on the hickey from the night before, renewing his mark on her.  She stroked his strong shoulders, feeling his warmth over her.  She longed to hurry him but recognized that things with Brad would move at his pace not hers. 

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