Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sensual Submission: Driven- Available on Amazon and Smashwords

He had to admit it was startling. Arousing, absolutely. Probably the most erotic thing he'd ever seen. So much more vibrant than magazines and DVDs. But startling none the less. The girl was displayed. Full frontal nudity for sure. Except for the ropes, but then, those weren't exactly clothing or anything. They wove across her skin and held her fast, enhancing her breasts, her pussy, her nakedness. They didn't cover, not at all.

He tried not to stare like some teen checking out a Playboy magazine at the newsstand, but he wasn't sure he was pulling that off. He wanted to appear just a little cool. After all, he didn't want Greg to think he wasn't mature enough to handle this. He was twenty-eight years old after all, not a kid anymore. Not that Greg was a lot older, only three years, even though technically he was Alec's uncle. They grew up more like brothers or cousins being so close in age. Certainly after he became adult they were really peers, but still Alec looked up to him a little.

Greg was right about this appealing to him. Big time. Honestly, he didn't think such things were real. Greg assured him they were though and now here was the proof. The house was a mansion, secluded with security gates and gorgeous landscaping, trickled over the hillside with spectacular views. It rose two stories in the front with a huge picture window, perfectly situated to take advantage of beauty of nature. Instead, tonight at least, the naked beauty of nature was on the other side, held in a web of hemp and illuminated by the spot lights hidden in the foliage.

The design was intricate, weaving above and below her breasts, across her torso, between her legs and down them to some sexy high heels that looked like they were specially designed for the girl who would be wearing nothing but rope. Her auburn hair brushed her shoulders.  She was watching them all drive up and pass their cars to the valets. The valets were interesting too. Two topless women wearing mini skirts moved the vehicles to the big parking area. He blinked when he realized that the breasts of one of them was covered with a tattoo. He couldn't imagine getting such a thing in such a place, but he had to admit it was pretty erotic.

The valets had nothing on the girl in the window though. Her captivity worked in reverse to captivate him. He was hard just looking at her. A man stood behind her, whispering in her ear, running his hands over her while she watched them arrive. Obviously she was spoken for, but he found her stunning.

Greg led him inside and he wondered if he was under-dressed. Well, not under-dressed perhaps. More like, too normally dressed. Greg was in a tuxedo. His blond hair was a bit shaggy for something that formal, but Greg had an aura that could pull it off. Alec was blond too, a couple inches shorter, a lot more tailored, a little less free spirited than Greg. His own tux fit him perfectly. He was glad he invested in one last year. As his career was building, he had more and more chances to wear it. He never suspected this kind of kinky orgy would be one of them.

The room was a circus. Everywhere he looked was one freakish something after another. Some men dressed as he and Greg did, in formal attire. Just as many were in dark skin tight leather or outfits that looked like something to be worn at a Halloween kink fest. It was the women that held him mesmerized though.

They crawled along the floor, knelt at the feet of the men, carried trays and wore leashes. None of them was dressed really, although some wore more than others. Everyone had at least nipples or pussy or ass showing to all and sundry. It was almost overwhelming. He didn't know where to look next, except that he always came back to his view of the woman in the window.

The man pressing himself against her stood a bit to the side. Alec had a perfect view of her beautiful ass. She was no emaciated stick insect. There was a nice meat on her that spoke to Alec. It filled her out in a lovely way. So many women were so skinny these days he just wanted to feed them a hamburger, not fuck them senseless and worry if they'd snap in two.

Her arms were crossed behind her back, wrists lashed to the opposite elbows. He wondered how comfortable that was. She didn't seem to be straining, at least not from that. The man’s touches on her were making her twitch though.

Alec could see that his fingers were digging into that ass that so intrigued him. He watched the man poke a finger against her pucker and play with the ropes, causing them to tighten and dig into her. She squirmed provocatively, but she didn't protest. At least not in any way that was obvious to Alec.

Another girl joined them and helped the man to turn her to face the crowd. It was something of a project to adjust the webbing accordingly. When it was done, she was looking at the crowd, but she only had eyes for the man that tended to her.


Some time later, he sat on the patio with Greg. The warm night air felt good and helped to clear his spinning head. The swirl of thoughts were replaced with a new awareness. Yes, he was sure. He would say it out-loud and commit to it.

"I need my own girl."

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