Saturday, January 14, 2012

FAQ’s about the Realm of Janos…

Why is the ground blue and the water orange?

The ground is blue because of a high concentration of cobalt.  The water is orange due to a chemical concentration that does not exist on earth.

Why are the women slaves?

There is more detail on this in the book Ovia.  The people of this world are very spiritual and believe in balance and harmony.  They believe that the roles of man and beast, male and female are directed by the gods.

What kinds of things do they learn in their training?

There is more on this coming in a future book titled Eanna.  Once a girl comes of age, the training shifts to practical matters such as serving meals, running the master’s house, learning his moods and desires.  There are a number of positions that a girl would learn and practice that best show off her charms in various situations.

What else do you want to know about the people of Janos?  Let me know!

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