Friday, June 15, 2012

The Reviews are in.....

...and the Realm of Janos is a hit.  Currently occupying two of the twelve spaces on the Amazon Listmania titled  Erotica For Your Brain.  Best-Written Contemporary Adult Fiction. 

And a few quotes: 


Here is the short and the sweet of it: if you're looking for a sexy, well-written tale that cleverly combines elements of High Fantasy with classic Literary Erotica steeped in themes of female submission, stop reading this review right now and immediately download Andre SanThomas' "Ielle." You won't be disappointed. - Terrance Aldon Shaw

I would preface this review as saying I have never read from the erotica genre before and I did not know what to expect. I thought my impression would be a flat story simply filled with sexual encounters. Much to my surprise I encountered a fully written, well thought-out story with nearly flawless prose. Andre SanThomas' descriptions throughout are a testament to her talents as an author. She has placed in the reader's hands a polished example of what erotica should be. I would think those who are regular readers of this genre would be more than satisfied. - Robert Thomas

An easy 4-star review, Ielle was a pleasure to read. Though admittedly the nature of the realm that San Thomas creates had me cringing at times, the language alone will keep you reading and hungry for more. The wonderfully soft, sensual supple style of the writing draws you in, thoroughly immersing you in this world and compelling your empathy with both 'property' and 'proprietor' alike. The story moved at a good pace, the dialogue befit its professors, and the descriptions are vivid and captivating, leaving you wincing one moment and basking in their lush embrace in the next. A recommended read-  booklover 339
The Realm of Janos series continues to please in this, the second installment.  Again grammar and spelling are excellent, and though it is a shorter story I think the writing did improve, perhaps the lack of length as ironic as that may be let the author's words vary more noticeably. Whereas with a longer book you tend to run out of words sometimes. For those that enjoy the m/s relationship, for those that enjoy some plot with their, to put it bluntly, sex, for those looking to enjoy some erotic tales I would recommend you download this book right away. - Amanda

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