Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mayia meets her first tavern customer

“Two!  Seven!  Three!  Serve, we have customers waiting!”  The girls quickly dropped their scrubbing tools.  “And be sure you all know that if I see you standing around when customers are here, you’ll find my whip!  Get busy!”
Mayia honed in on her first target, crossing the room towards him, giving no other girl a chance at her prey.  He was just the right age, a bit older, good looking.  He appeared to come from some means.  She would start with him. 
She wiggled her hips ever so slightly just before she dropped to her knees in front of him.  Her thighs were apart giving him a nice view of her wares.  She slipped her hands over her skin, her eyes burning with passion just for him.  She cupped her breasts, fingering her nipples, offering herself.
“Would master like any service?”  She licked her lips, keeping her eyes on his, gauging his reaction.  “Some spirits perhaps?  Might I bring your meal?”  She kept her voice husky and soft, encouraging him to focus only on her. 
“Well, well Tibus, you have new stock in.  Always nice to have some variety, eh?”
The rental master smiled.  “Yes, Hamik, my good man.  Must keep them on their toes.  They have a way of getting worn out and used up.  That’s what keeps our rentals a cut above the rest.”
“True, true.  I suppose I’m largely to blame for wearing out several of them, eh?”  Mayia’s nipples had perked under her touch, standing proud now from her full breasts.  Hamik could not seem to tear his eyes from them. 
Tibus laughed.   “Yes, I’d say so, but that’s why they’re here, to cater to your every whim and depravity.”
Depravity?  Was he serious?  Would she have been wiser to go after the nervous looking young man in the corner with the tattered shoes?   That one probably barely had the coin for his meal much less her.  No, they could not really mean that.  It would just be joke among them.  Surely. 
“Girl, fetch my food and spirits.  Then I’ll decide if you’re worth any further attention from me.”  Mayia rose gracefully, letting her hips sway while she walked.  She could feel his eyes on her ass, knowing she had his attention.  It would just be a matter of keeping it. 
Her stomach grumbled when she selected his tray.  She secured the basic fare for him, any extras would require extra coin.  Once she knew the men better, she might gamble that they would pay for treats she would bring them, today was too soon to try that. 
She rocked her shoulders on the way back, knowing the movement was making her breasts sway provocatively.  Other girls were also scurrying around serving but she paid them no mind.  She was honed in on her target and she would succeed with her quest.
She knelt back at his feet and started with his drink.  She rubbed it slowly up over her thigh, her lips parting, her tongue wetting them.  She let a gentle moan slip out when the cup arrived at her mouth, kissing the rim and then offering it to him.  “May you enjoy today’s service.”
He took it from her and kept his eyes locked on her while she repeated the performance with his plate.  Her mouth watered when she brought it to her face but she tried to focus on the task of enticing him.  He took that as well and she waited to see if he would send her away or continue the game.  He took a bite of the meat from his plate, chewing it thoughtfully while she watched.
“You may serve me girl.”  Mayia lit up with a smile.  Yes, her first try and already she was on her way. 
“Start with my feet.”  Feet?  Start there?
He leaned forward and grabbed a handful of her hair.  She yelped and he abruptly pulling her close so he could talk directly into her ear.  “Are you a little slow?  Start with my feet.  First you can lick them.  I’ll decide if you’re any good with your tongue then we’ll see what is next.”
He had a firm hold of her so she resisted the urge to squirm, knowing it would cause pain.  He released her and she slid to her belly, scooting up to his foot and working off his sandals.  She forced herself not to wrinkle her nose, starting with her tongue over his ankle.  She massaged her hands over his toes and instep while she sucked and licked.  She took each toe into her mouth, playing with it, sucking hard as though it was a tiny cock, flicking and nibbling.  She spent a long time on the big toes, making her best effort there, determined she would pass this silly test. 
He ate and a drop of broth landed on his foot.  She licked that off, embarrassed by how much she enjoyed it, wishing he drop a whole dinner for her, but he did not.  By the time she had completed the second foot, she was sick of the whole thing but she reminded herself it was a means to an end and kept up the pretense, hoping to convince him that this was the best way of serving ever.  He grabbed her hair hard, yanking her head up, pulling her mouth from his foot.
“Well, well.  Not bad with your tongue girl, not bad eh?  Let’s see if there’s any value between your legs eh?”
She moved to climb into his lap, thinking to start that way, but he pushed her back hard onto her rear before he grabbed her hair again, making tears come to her eyes. 
“Yes, yes, you are a bit slow aren’t you?  No matter, you’ll get it eventually eh?”  He took his other hand and twisted her nipple sharply until she cried out.  “Have you forgotten I told you to start with my feet?”
“No master, I did not forget.  I- I did bathe your feet master.  But, but you wanted…”
“Yes, yes, what I want is you with your legs spread impossibly wide, smearing yourself over my foot girl.  Can you manage that?  A simple thing is it not?”  She shrieked when he shook his fist in her hair.
She offered his drink and as soon as he took it she knelt over his foot, lowering herself on it.  She rubbed her breasts into his leg, massaged her hands over his thigh.  She shifted back and forth, finding the feeling on her lower lips to be strange but still arousing.  They damped and she increased the heat, rocking herself on his foot.  She even slid back a bit and guided his big toe up and down along her damp slit, poking it into her hole. 
She decided to feign a release to encourage him further.  She bounced up and down on his foot, squirming, sliding, gasping, panting.
“Oh, oh, uh, Master!” She dropped her head back, knowing it showed her breasts to their best advantage, squealing when he pressed his foot up against her hard.  “Oh Master, you’re incredible!”
She hugged his leg massaging it with her breasts.  He smiled down at her.  Good.  He was pleased. 
“Yes, yes.  Nicely done.  Now clean up the mess you made girl.  Get that tongue back to work.”

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