Friday, February 24, 2012

Coming in March! Eanna- The Handmaiden of the Crown, a new Realm of Janos Novel

A moment later she felt Krysu climb upon the pallet, kneeling over her.  Krysu gently worked loose the ties at Eanna’s shoulders, then peeled the sheer fabric from the princess.  The hem of her skirt brushed the back of Eanna’s thighs.  She silently ministered to her mistress, massaging her oiled hands into her shoulders and back, kneading and pressing.  She gathered Eanna’s long dark braids and moved them carefully out of the way of her attention.

“Krysu, you do attend me well.”

“Thank you, my Princess.”  The hands worked across her lower back and over the cheeks of her rear.  Eanna sighed and sniffled back a few of her tears.  The massage was good.  She would miss them.  She supposed she'd have a chamber maid once the contract was fulfilled, but it would not be the same.  It just was not fair.  

She was special.  She wasn't meant to serve a mere man, nor live in a mere palace. She was beyond those other girls, better than the best of them.  It was too soon. 

She felt herself tensing again, but let out a long breath.  Krysu worked both hands on the back of her thigh, dimpling the skin with her fingers.  It did relax her.  It was important to relax.  Relax, submit, accept, find harmony.  In this case, it may take some time to fully achieve, but in this moment, she would at least try to allow herself to relax under Krysu’s fingers. 

"Please turn, my Princess, if it should please you."  Yes, it did please her to do so.  She rolled to her back, her nude form laid open on the pallet.  

She looked up at her attendant.  Krysu’s brilliantly light hair cascaded down over her bare breasts, giving peeks at the nipples when she moved and shifted.  The sheer skirt she wore had ridden up on her thighs with the wide posture she took to place her knees astride the princess’s hips. 

Krysu rubbed her hands together, adding more oil. 

“You are beautiful, my Princess.”  Krysu gazed admiringly at her before stroking her fingers over Eanna’s forehead.  Eanna allowed her eyes to drift shut, abandoning herself to the sensations.

Krysu’s breath blew on her skin when she bent low over her, working her hands hard on Eanna’s shoulders.  She palmed the breasts using two hands to mold and caress and knead.  She circled a slick finger around the tip, then returned to clenching and pressing.

Eanna let out a contented sigh.  She was pampered and adored.  It was meant for her to serve in this way and reap these rewards.

It pleased her to be so.  There, she admitted it to herself.  It was her due as the Handmaiden to the Crown.  It was her due as the one that served the manly needs of the flesh of the Council.  Now it was all going away.

The mouth on her nipple was a welcome distraction.  She made small happy sighs.  Krysu flicked and teased at it and still her well-trained hands continued their work across her stomach, and lower.

Krysu skimmed Eanna’s smooth mound, lightly teasing the small tuft of hair that she displayed.  A finger trickled between her lower lips causing her to buck her hips.  The movement brought her bare skin up against Krysu’s thighs.  Krysu delved further, stroking her finger along the folds, collecting the moisture.  She wiggled the pad of her thumb on Eanna’s woman’s nub.

“Ay!  Krysu!”  Eanna clenched her teeth giving into rising heat, submitting to it.  She shucked away her problems and fell into a glorious release.  It lasted long, Krysu continued her blessed touch and the tremors rolled through Eanna.  Eanna clenched the furs, her breath hissing from between her teeth.

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