Saturday, September 22, 2012

Legends of the Realm of Janos: Tales of the Crown

Hot off the presses!  Try Legends!  Tales of the ancient times of the Realm of Janos.  Hot, sexy little reads that give you a peek into the culture.  Starting with the Tales of the Crown, get to know a little about the three girls that grace The Crown of Harmony.

Here's a sample...

After they ate, Tkaq took Ari under the stars, bending her over in what we now name as bartu, her naked ass before him. His hands left their mark across her skin, warming it for his use. She moaned with pleasure, begging him for more. He held back, however. It would not do to have her too sore to keep up on their hunt. He exercised restraint for them both, as he often did.

For Ari, her only joy was his pleasure. His touch on her skin; being pleasing; doing everything she could. He told her often that it was her desire to please that was the most satisfying, even if she should fail. It brought light to her eyes to hear him talk thus.

He played with her, fingering her folds, teasing her core until she dripped with need. She begged him to fill her, take her, make her his over and over and, as it pleased him, he complied.

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