Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yes, Master. Always your wanton little slut.

"Hmmmm... this is all quite interesting," he said grinning at her while he dismounted his own bike and put them both away.  He returned to stand before her, considering her offer.  "Very interesting really.  First off, quite forward of you.  But then, what else can I expect of a wanton little slut, huh?"  She blushed, listening intently, wondering what he would decide.  "I do like you on your knees and begging.  Definitely a good look for you.  And, even though I haven't bothered with it before, I find I really like you calling me Master.  You'll do that from now on, understand?"   
"Yes, Master," she replied, wondering what can of worms she'd just opened but feeling the thrill of saying it seriously for the first time.  He was her master, she belonged to him completely.  Somehow it felt s right to call him that.
"You're hot and needy aren't you, Kaity?"
"Oh yes Master." 
"I rather like you like that you know.  But the idea of using you has a lot of merit too.  What to do, what to do?"  Kaitlyn bit her lip and waited, her breasts heavy in her hands, the balls still humming inside of her.   He smiled at her and pulled her to her feet, capturing her mouth in his kiss then walking her inside and down to the play room.  He strapped her in himself this time, putting her into a contraption that resembled old fashioned stocks.  She was kneeling on a small platform, her head and arms held securely by the boards that he locked with dog snaps.  There was no need for a lock and key.  She was unable to reach the snaps and would not be able to escape.        

He dropped his jeans to the floor and pushed his hips to her face, his hardening cock exactly lined up with her mouth.  She longed to run her hands over his thighs and cup his balls, but her hands were trapped out of reach and useless.  He rubbed his cock over her lips and she snaked her tongue out to caress him.  She tried to suck him into her mouth, but he kept himself just out of reach, letting only the tip touch her.  "Please Master, please let me suck you," she begged, desperate for his taste.  Thankfully, he relented, stepping forward so that she could bring him into her mouth.  She stroked her tongue over him, running it up and down the sensitive underside of his cock, caressing him with her lips, careful to keep her teeth out of the way. 

He started out slow and easy, slipping back and forth in her mouth, letting her caress him with her lips, feeling her warm, wet tongue on him, moaning low in his throat when she flicked the tip at the head of his cock.  She was giving everything she could with what little she could move, then suddenly he was fucking her mouth, strong and fast, pressing deep, pulling back before she could gag, but moving now at his own pace.  He pumped into her, using her.  She could barely keep up and then remembered that all she had to do was submit.  She relaxed and let him use her as he would, then he was spurting down her throat and she was drinking him in, laving his cock with her tongue, gently getting every drop from him.  She needed him in her, if this was the way to do that, she'd make the most of it, hoping to keep him inside her mouth as long as possible.  He was pulling away, slipping from her mouth with a soft pop as she pursed her lips around him, trying to hold him in.  "You're beautiful my Kaity," he said, gently stroking her cheek with his hand.  "My cum is on the corners of your mouth.  Your lips are swollen and puffy and look like they've just been well fucked."  She leaned her face into his touch as much as she could, soaking up his tenderness on her cheek.  He stroked her earlobe with his thumb then tickled the place just behind it, making her face flush with need.  He teased a finger over her lips and then allowed her to suck it into her mouth.  She worked it as she had his cock, sucking the salt from his skin, tasting the warmth of his flesh. 

"Still needy Kaity?" he asked, pulling his pants back up but leaving the button undone, a small V of skin peeking out between the denim. 
"Yes Master, always your wanton little slut." 
© 2011 André Santhomas

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